"The Manchester forum is a try out in developing an urban and rural dialogueand exchange about FMD, and depending how this goes we may organise anotherin London in April.Obviously the farming/rural community are still very attuned to theexperience and impact of FMD - and they don't need reminding about it again.However, what we are trying to do here is assemble a lasting national document and record about FMD, as a partnership and through dialogue with the urban community and its cultural/business leaders.

I don't think that the farming community will achieve a satisfactory psychological or emotional closure on FMD, until they feel that their pain and experiences have been at least shared and acknowledged by the urban community and its politcal leaders.

Well, it is worth a try."
Cultural Documents of FMD: The Arts and Cultural sector response.

(10 - 5pm) Wednesday 27th November, Manchester Art Gallery

A one day forum in Manchester about a proposal to organise a 'Cultural Documents of FMD' national exhibition project, including a publication, and a supporting urban/rural public discussion programme about FMD, to tour the main urban centres during 2003/4. The purpose of the Manchester forum is to allow all interested parties and communities; farming, arts, rural health, museum, media, veterinary, etc., to discuss how the exhibition could be constructed, and how it could best serve the needs and experiences of the rural and farming communities who, directly and indirectly, suffered (and continue to suffer) the effects of FMD.

The forum will include presentations by artists, media workers, farming leaders, vets., writers/farming journalists, rural health sector workers, rural archive, photographers, rural community groups, and museum and art gallery curators and critics, etc. who have an interest in working on documenting FMD and studying its continuing impact on the national community. This will include work by schools, rural community radio, oral arts, songs, film, and theatre projects, and visual art projects about FMD developed in collaboration with rural and farming communities.

The forum will take place at Manchester Art Gallery, on Wednesday 27th November, 10.00am - 5pm. It is free and food and refreshments are provided. There will be a further forums in early 2003 in London, and from these a working group will be formed to see the project through. The Arts Council of England are supportive of the project and regard it as forming part of a longer term arts and cultural sector response and commitment to documenting FMD and in managing its ongoing impact and legacy within the rural community.

We would like know about any other FMD documentation, rural archive or study projects or groups also active in this work and/or who are collecting material. We are planning to assemble a data base of FMD related arts, media, oral archive, and community documentation projects to tour with the exhibition.

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