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Women's Food & Farming Union
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Rural Women Storm Westminster
Female Farmers, Rural Advocates and Passionate Countryside Campaigners Descend on House of Lords

London, 24 November- Rural women from all over the UK will be descending on Westminster to walk the corridors of power, to attend the Women's Food & Farming Union Annual Meeting being held at the House of Lords on Thursday 25th November 2010 at 2.00pm. 

A WFU branch from North West Wales presented a petition to Downing Street on Wednesday morning.

The Women's Food & Farming Union (WFU) are celebrating a very active year with campaigns to ban sky lanterns; a very successful education programme and the opening four new branches in North Wales, Shropshire, Lincolnshire and London.

One of the major topics of discussion for many years in agricultural has been TB and badgers.  The WFU Devon branch members have taken the lead by writing a paper which will be submitted as part of DEFRA's consultation and will help members to educate the general public in the problems we face in rural Britain with bovine TB.

Helen Bower from Nottingham, WFU National President said, "We have had an extremely exciting year this year, launching new branches and one of these branches from North West Wales have presented a petition to Downing Street this morning seeking the ban of Chinese lanterns.  Our new Constitution for adoption today at the AGM will ensure a clear future for the organisation and an election of a new CEC will commence immediately."

Sarah Gayton from Taste of the Moorlands and Farmers On Film will be speaking at the meeting and rallying members about how she is promoting her famous oattie biscuits onto the Olympic Games menu.  Famed journalist, Clive Aslet,  Editor at Large of Country Life magazine, will also be address the meeting.  The meeting is kindly being sponsored by Lord Selbourne.

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Editors' Notes:
The Women's Food and Farming Union (WFU), which was founded in 1979, has branches all over the UK. The WFU is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting an understanding of, and confidence in, all aspects of quality British produce. Its strap line has always been 'Linking Producer with Consumer' and as members we like to feel that we represent the interests of both consumers and producers to the benefit of British agriculture.

For further information please contact:
Helen Bower, President, WFU on 08443350342

National WFU Tel No or Mobile: 07800664701

Eunice Finney, WFU Press Officer on 01889 270294 or 07973134076