I remember you putting up an article by G. Monbiot. entitled "Choose Life "

http://www.monbiot.com/careers.cfm   which I really enjoyed and sent to my children to hopefully digest. In it he suggests that, go and work for these big conglomerates and use them to learn your chosen trade and then leave and do your thing before you are " cloned" to their way of liking.

Very good advice I thought. But this " cloning" is very true of Governments unfortunately.

Get 'em young and 'clone' them before they can think for themselves.

 Precisely what happened during FMD. By being cloned,these once ordinary caring people had all forgotten how to make a decision and how to think for themselves. So, they ran around in circles ummming and arrrring before they had to ring page street  for directions on what to do. And of course,those in Page St. had been cloned also. But the buck stopped there,so, the clone in charge read somewhere that you had to KILL.

So, the word went out. Kill. And all the little clones that were distributed all over the country were relieved that somebody had made a decision for them. KILL.  So,the unthinking, brain dead clones carried out the orders given by the big-shot clones  hundreds of miles away in London.

And they killed 11,000,000 animals without any thought that this may be wrong.

When it was over,  a really important clone who was in charge of the whole stinking mess,and had been cloned for so long that she had lost all sense of anything, told the whole World that it had been a "limited success". 

Then a year after it was said to be all over, a report  finally came from Europe, heavily criticising the conduct of the G.B. clones, saying that they had got it all wrong. The G.B. clones didn't like this because they were sure that in their own cloned little insular World they could get away with anything, and whatever untruths they told,the people would believe them.The G. B. clones were so shocked to be condemned by some people who had not forgotten how to tell  the Truth that they said naughty words, including humbug,and hoped that that would scare the E.U. into changing their report,and that they would go away.    But will they ?

Sorry to go on but another example of 'clones' are these so-called 'call-centers'. I had to endure one of these today. I could not get any sense at all, so I cancelled the order,and frankly the 'clone' on the other end couldn't give a damn. He just wanted to be rid of me.
 A neighbour's son worked for one of these during a University break to earn some cash for Xmas. He lasted a week. He said that you sit there with a Q & A. sheet and if you cannot find the answer you must not give one off the cuff, so, you ask the caller to hold on while you ask the 'team-leader' for an answer. All calls are monitored and timed. The idea being that you fob-off  as many callers as quickly as possible,and must answer a minimum number of calls in a session or you get the sack !

Nice old World innit ? Really gives these youngsters confidence for the future. One wonders what Dickens and Orwell would have made of it all. Mind you they did see it coming.