Captain Bryn Wayt has sent us this response to the pronouncements of Lord Whitty as reported by the BBC
    Thursday, 7 November, 2002, 16:06 GMT

    Whitty: Warned peers not to undermine disease control

    In the Lords on Thursday, junior Environment Minister Lord Whitty said animals would need to be slaughtered where they had come into contact with infected livestock.
    Culling might also be necessary if there was a shortage of vaccines, or other logistical problems, he said.
    Lord Whitty said there might be other slaughter scenarios, adding: "That's why we sought wider powers in terms of pre-emptive cull in this bill."

This junior minister should know Uruguay had healthy animals on the same farm with those that had FMD and the authorities allowed them to live, to recover from the disease, then vaccinated them - then exported the meat to the EU
"On the 28th April 2001 the total number of animals destroyed was 3,478 and 11,750 bovines 2,874 sheep and 22 pigs were awaiting destruction..........." After 29th April 2001 NO MORE ANIMALS WERE KILLED.
"Clinically affected and in-contact animals (including sheep and goats) are neither slaughtered nor vaccinated until the last sick animal has recovered".
The minister's utterance, "animals would need to be slaughtered where they had come into contact" illustrates yet again this man has no conception of appropriate control responses to FMD if it happened here tomorrow. "Come into contact" what exactly does that mean please........nose to the next field downwind/upwind......or 3km away ?
His standard knee jerk reaction is always slaughter, using the excuse that there might be a "shortage of vaccines".
There's 500,000 shots waiting in the wings right now many animals have to die before you say "vaccinate" ? 
Does the Contingency Plan Mark 2 (or is it 5) not cover the rapid production/procurement of sufficient vaccine ?
What logistical problems are you foreseeing now Larry that you did not before ? Not that 220 vets in the field stuff again ?  Can I just remind you, the farmers down there in Uruguay did the vaccinating themselves last year...........makes your logistical problems excuse as thin as the apologies your mob have given the British people who have suffered during and after FMD 2001.

Lord Whitty had asked peers to reject calls for magistrates to be able to review the entry of inspectors to farms.
"We have made a significant number of concessions and the administrative procedure safeguards the rights of livestock owners," he said. "The whole point of the Bill is to enable us to administer more effectively control measures including vaccination or slaughter," he said.
The whole point of the bill was to cover your backside and make lawful that which was unlawful in 2001.
You want a scientifically uneducated bunch of blood thirsty cretins to perpetrate more of the same 2001 FMD barbarism, without let or hindrance, the next time we are unfortunate enough to get FMD. You have chosen the wrong side of the road this time, and have misread the intent of those who keep sentient beings that are prone to FMD, and those who support them........well over 407,791 in case you need reminding.
You tried to slaughter democracy with your Animal Death Bill, but we will not let 2001 FMD re-occur ever again - you can put that in your Contingency Plan and smoke it........the taper has been lit by your bosses in Brussels anyway.....don't inhale will you.
Captain Bryn Wayt