16th. October 2002-10-16


 Dear Mr Victory

 I thank you for your reply to my letter dated 26th September 2002; your reply being dated 1st. October 2002.

 You will remember my letter expressed grave concerns on the credibility of the Cumbrian FMD Inquiry chaired by Prof. Thomas. As of today, I have yet to receive any reply from you and am concerned that this matter will drag on indefinitely. The Cumbrian FMD Inquiry has been a waste of Council Tax payers' money and I believe that Cumbrians deserve an explanation immediately.

 On receipt of your reply, I will consider the way ahead with regard to this scandalous matter. It may be worth noting that I have irrefutable evidence that at least one FMD Inquiry member was extremely dissatisfied with the initial report drafted by Prof. Thomas. Despite the delay in its completion being assigned to “the quantity of evidence submitted” and the “new emphasis on human suffering”, both reasons that I immediately dispatched to the scrap heap, the real reason was simply the internal friction between Prof. Thomas and members of his committee.

 I will not relent in my efforts to obtain the truth with regard to this Inquiry or indeed the whole ghastly FMD “cover up”.

 For now and until I receive your reply, may I ask you the following questions: -


  1. Who recommended Prof. Thomas as Chairman of the Cumbrian FMD Inquiry?
  2. How much did the Inquiry cost, exactly?
  3. How much was Prof. Thomas paid by Cumbria County Council?
  4. How much were committee members paid?
  5. How will CCC recoup this total cost?
  6. If as I suspect the recovery will amount to a rise in Council Tax, how much will this rise cost each household/individual exactly?
  7. Given that we have evidence of Government Ministers lying during FMD 2001, and indeed acting illegally during the cull, will CCC consider legal action in an effort to apportion accountability as was deemed desirable by Mr Rex Toft?
  8. Why should Cumbrians, many of whom have already lost vast sums of money owing to Government incompetence, have to shoulder the cost of the 2001 FMD fiasco and the various whitewashed inquiries?



Kind Regards.


Mr. N. L.  Green