"Our joy in thinking that sheep sausage skins had been saved was premature.

(from Brian Johnstone at the NSCA )

Despite the such an eminent group of scientists as the European Scientific Steering Committee concluding that sheep intestines should not be added to the SRM list it appears that the FSA are not prepared to accept this and in effect are contesting the SSC decision. The SSC was in receipt of new scientific evidence proving 'infectivity' being reduced by 89.1% during processing from intestine to finished sausage skin, also new evidence showing an increase in the 'theoretical risk' reduction. This new evidence plus the basic fact that BSE has never been found in sheep in the field was sufficient for the SSC to conclude that sheep sausage skins should not be banned.
The FSA however stated in last weeks Meat Trades Journal that they still consider it appropriate that sheep casings be banned and that the Agency considers that there would be advantage in calling together appropriate research scientists at EU level to see if any common understanding can be reached on the issue of 'infectivity' in sheep casings.
What has the FSA got against sheep sausage skins and why do they seem determined to ban them despite existing evidence to the contrary ?
Is there something that they know about sheep casings which they are keeping quiet ? If so, what about the lymph nodes and mutton ?"