I was so pleased to read this report and again grateful to your wonderful web site as I do not recall seeing a report in a newspaper.

This is truly good news for whilst we must all move on so must the truth be known about mistakes made during the controlling of FMD.

Those responsible must be made accountable.

This farmer has obviously had a long hard haul to extract an admission of an 'error' from DEFRA for Instructing TVI's to sign Form A's.

Congratulations to him and total respect from me. There are no winners & losers in this sorry mess just arrogant, dictatorial, ignorant, narrow minded officials who all seem to hide behind each other.

No one these days ever seems to want to admit to a mistake, say sorry, read up on a few facts and hold up their hands and say 'ok so maybe there is a better way of controlling this virus'

What a funny old world we live in.