Ryeland Cottage

3 Holme Eden Church Road

Warwick Bridge Carlisle

Cumbria CA4 8RG



October 8th 2002





After all this country went through last year it will take a long time for farming to get back to anything that can be considered normal.

I and many others would like to know what the E.U. will do to make our Government take seriously the threat of FMD coming into this country again.

Farmers are tied by restrictions with the 20 standstill. Country shows, Auction Marts, Rare Breed sales are dying because of the Biosecurity rules imposed upon us and what does the Government do? We have two dogs to detect illegal meat entering this country.

This is as much use as having two foot baths in the whole of  Cumbria to keep the county safe in a foot and mouth epidemic.

We farmers are doing all we are told to do to keep the disease out

I would like to see action taken against the government if FMD enters the country through, negligence on their part.

Farmers are sick and tired of being blamed for the government inadequacies and we are not prepared to go through the horrors and hardship of 2001 again.

Moira Linaker