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Mrs Taylor of Cumbria writes an open letter to Mr Blair

Dear Mr Blair,

I write this to you, Mr Blair, with a feeling of hurt and anger in what you are turning this Country into. I will not send it to you personally as I did over my fears regarding the handling of foot and mouth. Your reply back to me (or rather not your reply but some menial) was in the form of several public information sheets showing how to spot the signs and symptoms of foot and mouth.

I was already painfully aware about all the information those factsheets contained. I come from Cumbria and had been trying to save our sheep from the clutches of MAFF, as it was then known.

I have had no faith in British politics for years. In fact I have never even bothered to vote for years, such is my apathy about British politics. All I can say is that at the least the Conservatives did seem to have policies that protected the interest of their voters.

To what or whose interests are Labour policies designed around - other than its own self seeking politicians?

If the Government was a 'private' company with you at the head of it, Mr Blair, you would have been sacked long ago for having everyone's but the share holders interests at heart. Twenty five percent of the population voted you in office for your second term. The remaining majority now has to sit back and suffer in silence.

So many brave men and women gave their lives in two World Wars so that you and I could have peace and democracy; so many of our fathers and grandfathers lost their lives fighting and trying to stop dictators.

You travel around the World advocating democracy for other Countries, using money that the tax payers of this Country is providing and yet you seem set on systematically stripping away our own. When will it be our turn for some of that democracy' Mr Blair?

Perhaps I should just appreciate what I have and accept what is handed down to me. But I am British Mr Blair and I have come to value and expect my 'freedom' and my 'Human Rights' as a matter of course. It is a sad, sad and ludicrous day when I can go out into the streets and kill someone - and yet still have a right of appeal in the criminal justice system. And yet if you get your way with the new Animals Welfare Amendment Act, DEFRA (new name still same the old policies) can come and kill all of my animals - and I have NO real right of appeal whatsoever. I would have no right to keep out the 'mob' sent to do the dirty deed. In fact I could even go to prison for refusing! What a silly and stupid state of affairs. I am a law abiding Citizen Mr Blair. I try and treat other people as I would wish to be treated myself. I care for my animals and other people's and I feel strongly about injustice. These days those sentiments do not get you anywhere in Great Britain. At the age of 43 I feel at odds and out of step with a large part of Society. Surely I cannot be alone!

In my frustration and disgust I send this letter to the National Press in the hope that they might share some of my concerns and print it.

Mrs C L Taylor
Beech House