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"...a sustainable system that uses less energy, less chemicals and makes better use of waste products."

Organic production
When we say the food system is unsustainable we mean that there is something about it, an internal contradiction, that means it can't go on the way it is without it breaking up. And I firmly believe there will be a breakdown." Michael Pollan

August 6 2009 ~"Organic farming is going to become seriously important as oil supplies diminish ..."

August 2 2009 ~ FSA report: The Ecologist calls for more rigorous research in the field of food science

August 2 2009 ~ "a society that has systematically hewed its inhabitants away from the natural world"

Friday July 31 2009 ~ Food Standards Agency report ignored the latest study into organic food.

July 29 2009 ~ The Food Standards Agency findings on organic food "selective in the extreme."

July 29 2009 ~ "... reared naturally with very high welfare standards"

June 14 2009 ~ ".. organic agriculture has the potential to contribute quite substantially to the global food supply, while reducing the detrimental environmental impacts of conventional agriculture..."

Friday June 12 2009 ~ Michael Pollan predicts "certain breakdown for a North American food system far too dependent on cheap energy and big corporations".

June 4 2009 ~ Landshare. How it works