(If you have been directed to this one page only.... See Warmwell website for independent, constantly updated information about the foot and mouth disease crisis in Britain)

Nov 9 ~ Alan looks closely at Mr Morley's evidence at the Select Committee and points out its many blatant flaws in this friday follow up

Nov 8 ~ The name Alan and Rosie give this newsletter says it all really: it's the Thursday they Lied

Nov 7 ~ A disappointing Select Committee - how we wish they had FANGS - but an interesting newsletter anyway.

Nov 5 ~ Alan has received a message from Dr. Colin Fink, ( the scientist who, from the very beginning of the outbreak, volunteered his Warwick laboratory to help with testing, and was continually stonewalled by Pirbright " Unfortunately none of the contigious culled animals were tested and so we have no data on the efficacy of the policy which they promulgated. This is of course convenient...." Alan spoke to Dr Fink by telephone and he confirmed that the data available to the modellers from DEFRA was completely inadequate to justify the claims that the two groups are making for the efficacy of contiguous culling. See the full newsletter.

Nov 4 ~ One of Alan's contributors writes: " ....the N.F.U., the R.C.V.S., the R.S.P.C.A., D.A.S.H. !! etc. Unfortunately it looks as though none of these has the will or the guts to stand up and be counted. The contributors to the bulletin and the people who run the various sympathising web sites are people with knowledge, enthusiasm and most important of all integrity, but no INFLUENCE. If we all joined together, united under one banner, we would have a louder voice..." See the bulletin Notice also DEFRA's suggestions for health in sheep....

Nov 3 ~ Alan writes tonight "...Contact the committee chairman direct by fax, E-mail or letter at the above address and voice the concerns about the proposed new Bill. In particular, stress that the computer models are scientifically flawed and spell out what those flaws are. Make the point that legislation cannot be framed upon discredited computerised predictions, but only on clearly established scientific facts. Make the further point that Morley has made serious allegations against the farming community that he must either justify or withdraw." See tonight's newsletter.

Nov 2 ~ Tonight Alan finally and reluctantly realises that Elliot Morley is simply a liar - and says so. Morley is not a politician being cannily economical with the truth; he is guilty of bare faced lying of the most despicable kind. What this government is doing goes beyond all bounds of political dirty tricks and we must all help Alan to expose it for what it is. Please forward Alan's article "Professor of Mythology" here to everyone you trust in your address book, and ask each to forward it on. Enough is enough.

Nov 1 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter is full of very encouraging outrage from Devon about the slaughter bill. Allayne Addy points out that not one of the farms saved by her went on to develop the disease. Elliot Morley's statements are shown to be as false as his flawed and paranoid government department.

Oct 31 ~ Alan's newsletter on the day of the grim revelations about the proposed bill on "Animal Health (Amendment)

Oct 29 ~ "For Lord Whitty to blame these farmers for the shambolic failure of his own administration takes hypocrisy to new depths, and grossly insults those who stood against the terrorism of their own government" newsletter tonight

Oct 28 ~ tonight's newsletter has this comment from Bonnie; "The point is, among otherwise intelligent people, foot and mouth, scrapie, mad cow, anthrax--they're all mysterious diseases and somewhat interchangeable since they all bear a common charge of fear. "

Oct 26 ~" IF there are these odd farms which are genuinely testing positive for anti-bodies, then presumably that means that the disease must have been in their flocks some months or weeks ago. So how come there have been no problems on any of the neighbouring farms? If there had been ANY justification for contiguous culls then surely this would be shown up now" Jane's point - one of the important items in tonight's newsletter

Oct 25~ " This is a powerful argument against the near-hysterical panic whipped up by the government/mad scientists combination. With no increase in scrapie cases, there is no evidence to even suggest that "BSE-in-sheep"cases may have been misdiagnosed as scrapie, which is what the current scaremongers are claiming has happened." Alan and Rosie


Oct 23 ~" We can think of no parallel in history for the astonishing precautions now being proposed for a non-existent problem. These are certainly extraordinary times indeed." the newsletter

Oct 22 ~ " I would like to point out to you a similar Government policy carried out with the same attitude as Tony Blair's DEFRA henchmen.....Part of Chairman Mao's '67 revolution was that all pets, mainly dogs and pet caged birds which the chinese have valued for their singing abilities for thousands of years ( hence the beautiful bird cages they made ), were killed by the infamous Red Guard. In a matter of a few weeks every single "pet" in China was killed. " One of Alan and Rosie's correspondents sees a sinister analogy.

Oct 21~ Alan and Rosie are in no doubt as to the serious and sinister nature of recent scientific "research". This newsletter is essential reading

Oct 19 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter contains comment on the sheep/cattle brainsoup fiasco. I have cut out the articles etc that already appear on tis website, since webspace is now an increasing worry.

Oct 18 ~ The newsletter contains the full text of Robert Heller's article...." The grandest enterprise in the land (Blair Ltd), likes to ape its private-sector counterparts - save for one overwhelming exception. The truly modern business decentralises wherever and as far as possible. Blair Ltd proudly does the reverse."

Oct 16 ~ If we fail to grasp this nettle, it will matter little whether we are inside or outside the EU. We will still be in the hands of our own homegrown dictatorship...Richard North in Alan and Rosie's newsletter

Oct 15 ~" It is the trading rules, and only these rules, that create the whole set of problems that surround carrier animals. When one new outbreak stops exports from a large area, even a whole country, for months or years at a time, then the "risk" of that happening is viewed in a very different light indeed. We are not going to see any relaxation of the "official" UK position on carriers until the trading rules are changed." Alan and Rosie

Oct 14 ~ The newsletter : ...we are living the unravelling of the fabric of a just (albeit imperfect ) and great society."

Oct 13 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter.."the reality on the ground is that of 150 farms that refused the contiguous cull (like us), only one developed the disease. On this basis only 0.7% of CP's were actually infected. "

Oct 11~ Bonnie, writing in the newsletter : "Everybody rallies around the President and shouts God Bless America and missiles fly. But it seems to me that this solution (equating for the sake of argument terrorism and FMD) is like the slaughter method. If you catch it soon enough, slaughter makes a big impact and stops the baddies. But once the cells of disease have spread, like FMD throughout UK in spring, the slaughter required becomes as horrific as the disease."

Oct 10 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter contains Prof Andrew King's reassurance that he is not testing for TSE as well as antibodies and also a disquieting rumour about helicopter activity at night

Oct 9 ~ The newsletter is back and includes some articles missed on warmwell

Oct 7 ~ Alan provides a link to the BBC website to watch the Close-up programme

Oct 6 ~ Again, for the sake of space, we include only the parts of tonight's newsletter that don't appear already on warmwell.

Oct 5~ Farts, flatulence and Ben Gill - some of the topics in tonight's newsletter

Oct 4 ~ " Anderson and Co. seem to operate via an entirely different logic sequence to the rest of the world. " Alan and Rosie

Oct 3 ~ Alan and Rosie are back. "When MAFF were given their powers, the government swore that we should never again be found to be so dependent on imported food. It's interesting that MAFF for some time now has been using those same powers to destroy farming and food production in this country," writes a correspondent.

Sept 30 ~ The last newsletter from Alan for a day or two. "I think it is perhaps a mercy that Alf Wight is no longer with us..........the author of the James Herriott books would surely have felt the pain we are all feeling.......and it would surely have been unbearable for him to see British agriculture being dismantled the way it is...........and the farmers he so admired being bludgeoned the way they are.." writes his friend Valerie from Maine USA

Sept 29 ~ Bonnie's response to a typical DEFRA letter, and related among the other excellent contents of Alan and Rosie's update, had us yelping with laughter - definitely the best medicine in these grim days.

Sept 28 ~ Alan comments on today's bse nonsense without pulling his punches.

Sept 27 ~ Alan and Rosie ~ an interesting letter from Bonnie, among other things.

Sept 26 ~" Politicians are notoriously thick-skinned, but we think the most effective means of embarrassment is the truth - they hate, above all else, to be proved wrong. That's why there won't be a public inquiry, why the media are censored (yes, it's happened to us!), why the Official Secrets Act is used to prevent ministry vets from speaking out - and it's why we are writing this and you are reading it." See tonight's newsletter from Alan and Rosie Contains also instalments from Jane's diary

Sept 25 ~ Tueday's newsletter from Alan contains answers from Prof Andrew King to questions posed by Alan. Some may find them less than satisfactory

Sept 24 ~ Apologies for not printing the newsletter for Sunday - but its contents were mainly already on warmwell elsewhere. Monday's newsletter is here and contains the story of the North Yorks Sheep Show with cardboard cut-out sheep..." how about replacing Members of Parliament with cardboard cut-outs as well - they'd be cheaper to maintain and we would be spared all the hot air that emanates from the originals, thus making a valuable contribution to the Kyoto agreement on global warming . . . ."

Sept 22 ~ The "what can we do now" frustration is very apparent, not least in the latest newsletter from Alan and Rosie.

Sept 21 ~ Tonight's news from Alan and Rosie reports the extraordinary statement in today's Telegraph by Prof King. Warmwell too has a few comments to make on this.

Sept 20 ~ The newsletter today contains a welcome overview of the Vets' Forum by its chairman, Bill Eykyn. There is also this comment from film-maker Bonnie..."Why are they doing it" is actually not the question. Everyone I've talked to, from Wales to the Pennines, across the whole spectrum of educational and financial circumstances, knows why they're doing it.
The real question Is: Why are they allowed to get away with it?..."

Sept 19 ~" ........DEFRA are deliberately misrepresenting the facts in a vain attempt to justify their own failed policy. Anyone who attended the Bristol Forum could pick this text to pieces." Alan and Rosie look at Defra's latest "reasons" for avoiding vaccination. Sept 18 ~ Both tonight's and yesterday's newsletters contain dynamite. Monday's because of the quiet condemnation of the criminal behaviour of various officials and tonight's for a new summary of the arrogant political manoeuvring that has delayed vaccination for so many cruel months.

Sept 17 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter contains, among its usual excellent content, another report on the Bristol conference about vaccination. I have also corrected Lady Liz Lowther's email address since the Telegraph report quoted here too, misreported it

Sept 15 ~ The newsletter begins with this chilling extract from a note from Alan's american friend Bonnie, making a film about FMD "....The next day, however, I spent with Tom Lowther in Cumbria. Words fail. He'd just been among the delegation visiting Dr. King. They asked him categorically, Would there be vaccination, and, as you've read, he said No. Why? He said Because that would mean defeat. (The battle, you remember...) What you haven't read is that when Tom asked him was he willing to kill every hefted sheep in all of Cumbria, he said...Yes. He would."

Sept 14 ~ Last night's newsletter ..."Our unrelenting pressure on DEFRA over re-stocking policy has now drawn some belated movement on their part"

Sept 13 ~ " We hold those in authority personally responsible for all the welfare atrocities of this epidemic - they were all avoidable," write Alan and Rosie. How heartily we agree...The newsletter also contains Jane Barribal's thoughtful message about the disaster in America which muses on the words of Tony Blair's response.

Sept 8-12 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletters during warmwell's absence are here: September 7....September 8....September 9....September 10....September 11....

Sept 7 ~ The newsletter from Alan and Rosie is right back on form after their attention had to be elsewhere: namely with their guest and film-maker Bonnie ... the few days filming have left their mark, they say. " The common threads were a disregard by those in authority for the legal and moral rights of people, of animals, and of the rural communities of which they are part, resulting in disillusion and a new mistrust of all forms of authority. People and their livestock were treated not with compassion, but too often with contempt. Faith in democracy and justice was destroyed alongside the carcases. Time may heal most wounds but these run very deep."

Sept 6 ~ Alan and Rosie are still very busy and the newsletter contains material already here - except for this plea for help:

Sept 4 ~ The last two updates/upBeats have not been published since they contain material already here. And warmwell is disastrously running out of webspace. However, we cannot resist including the little comment from one of Alan and Rosie's correspondents, Robert, who says," Babbacombe Model Village has a MAFF van in a field with protestors, police, photographers and drums of disinfectant"

Sept 3 ~ The question of deer as being important in FMD is looked at even more closely in a paper written by Dr Sutmoller and Paul Gibbs. Alan's comment at one point in his newsletter is,"although deer clearly can, and do, become infected with FMD, it is not a serious issue either for them or the domestic livestock with which they mingle. Rather like sheep? This is precisely why DEFRA cannot admit any infection in deer, because to do so also acknowledges the fact that a mildly susceptible species has no role in onward transmission of the disease, thus demolishing their "case" for the slaughter of sheep with antibodies . . . ."

Sept 2 ~ Alan and Rosie look particularly at the question of vaccination and also the possible spread of the disease by wildlife

Sept 1 ~ Last night's newsletter looked, among other things, at the question of possible deer infection. Dr North thinks it likely that the disease is endemic in deer now and that they may be responsible for the sudden outbreaks, making vaccination even more urgent. Defra caegorically deny that deer have FMD..... Aug 31 ~ The newsletter includes the report from Devon of government irritation at the refusal of some smallholders and farmers to cooperate with bloodtesting (for fear of contamination). The news report concludes with te ludicrous suggestion that they should ask to be visited "early in the morning" and check the clothes of the officials (Presumably leaving the later appointments for the farmers who welcome contamination) .... Alan and Rosie comment "We deduce from this report that DEFRA are meeting with some resistance to the blood testing programme . . . . we would argue, of course, that it is the total failure of government policy that is putting Devon at risk! And if our smallholding lay in a screening zone, no DEFRA officials would be allowed onto our property either."

Aug 29 ~ This evening's newsletter contains among other things the Reuters news report: 'Dutch farmers are demanding that Britain reverse its long-standing opposition to vaccinations to curb a fresh outbreak of foot-and- mouth disease' ..... "Please go over to another policy and start a ring vaccination like we had in Holland," Luiten said, referring to a public plea his organisation is making to the UK authorities. "

Aug 29 ~ last night's update from Alan and Rosie concludes with the comment: "how little ANY of our political leaders know about either the countryside or the FMD epidemic. And still vaccination is on the back burner"

Aug 27 ~ Alan and Rosie. Questions raised here about "random" testing, and the Blairwitch Project from the whatareweswallowing website.

Aug 26 ~ The newsletter reminds us that this is a political disease, that the stampng out policy will never be used again.."I am afraid that this ordeal is not so much conspiracy as pre-determination. The government, the power/money behind them, decided what the reaction would be at the start and will see it through to the bitter end." We entirely agree. The slaughter policy is doing what the government wants done. We share the despondency that is rather in evidence tonight.

Aug 25 ~ Alan and Rosie include the reply of New Zealand Professor Roger Morris to the criticism that his report was only modelling a strategy that was never likely to work in the first place. This is followed by some comments by Alan.

Aug 24 ~ The newsletter contains an account of the devastation in Cumbria seen from the windows of a coach.

Aug 23 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter contains another exchange between Alan and Andrew King about the bloodtesting in Wales. Also other nightmarish items.

Aug 21 ~ Alan's account of the March is in the Inbox

Aug 19~ Today's Upbeat from Alan and Rosie reminds us among other things of why we are demonstrating tomorrow

Aug 19 ~ Yesterday's message from Alan and Rosie contains a splendid summing up by David of the FMD situation.

Aug 18 ~ Alan and Rosie's letter yesterday suggests that our right to refuse entry to test or kill animals will be made illegal if the Government gets its way in amending the Animal Health Act of 1981

Aug 17 ~ Alan and Rosie: "sludge and hoof & mouth disease" a recipe from Maine USA.."Of course, we can do it bigger and better.." writes their correspondent Val

Aug 15 ~ Alan and Rosie on Wednesday focusses on the disinfection rules fiasco

Aug 14 ~ Here is the Beat's newsletter for Tuesday, particularly interesting on the Shebbear meeting with Antony Gibson NFU

Aug 12 ~ The Sunday offering from Alan and Rosie contains Bryn's unmistakable style of expressing his Extreme Frustration...

Aug 11 ~ Alan and Rosie's letter reveals that Andrew King at Pirbright is, as he himself says, " not allowed to divulge that kind of information" i.e. about what was found - or not found - in Welsh blood tests. The implication seems to be that DEFRA does not want it known that no actual live virus at all has been found at Brecon. Over 10,000 sheep have been killed there over the last few days and more will now be killed without blood tests even being taken. Indeed, there is no proof available to members of the public that any live FMD virus at all has been seen in the lab from anywhere in Wales during this entire outbreak.

Aug 10 ~ Tonight's newsletter from Alan and Rosie begins with three most extraordinary letters, then Richard North clarifies the 60% 83% payment question and Prof Andrew King at Pirbright makes some statements that suggest he may not be altogether happy.

Aug 9 ~ Alan and Rosie's latest thrilling installment! This one is extraordinary. We get considerably nearer to the truth about : who ordered the slaughter of vaccinates in Holland, a 'secret' or 'convenient' agenda of getting rid of unprofitable, troublesome hill farmers and the much publicised statement that the EU would pay "60%" of the FMD bill.

Aug 8 ~ Alan and Rosie's newsletter includes an appeal to help Janet Hughes in her fight to save the Brecon sheep and the continuing and fascinating diary of Jane

Aug 6 ~ Don't miss the excellent letter to the Telegraph from Richard North and Christopher Booker about the deliberate misinformation to farmers and others by the NFU executive.

Aug 6 ~ Something rotten in the state of europe...an article from the Farmers Weekly of 1997 reads most relevantly today...."Why have our farming unions allowed all this to happen, were they too included in some secret deal? Have they accepted fools gold of compensation today at the expense of farming s long term prosperity?" Aug 6 ~ Read Alan and Rosie's newsletter for Sunday. It contains vitally important information about Holland and why their vaccinated animals were then slaughtered - and how everyone in Holland felt about that.

Aug 4 ~ Not yet able to post Christopher Booker's notebook today in the telegraph. The relevant extract, however, is part of tonight's always excellent letter from Alan and Rosie Beat. Also excellent, as usual, is today's coverage in the Daily Mail. Apologies for omission so far.

Aug 4 ~ Please read, and print out if you can, the important comments Andrew makes about the New Zealand study (Defra funded) on modelling spread if vaccination had been used, which appeared today in the Veterinary Record. Already on the Today programme it was being gleefully cited by NFU spokesman. It will undoubtedly be used to support anti vaccination arguments by the government and NFU. Andrew calmly points out the great central flaw.

Aug 4 ~ "The Army had bee the antibody question, concluding " the risk of infection spreading from carrier animals to other uninfected animals is not small, not very small, not even "very, very low indeed", but is effectively zero in the real world. "

Aug 2 ~ Alan and Rosie's update is even more fascinating than usual today - and that is saying something. It concerns the "carrier" question and a great deal more besides. I want all Defra officials to get a copy of this!

Aug 2 ~ Lawrence gets a letter from Mr Bennett that some might think a little tetchy in tone. Lawrence also reminds us of this very important message from farmers for action from July 27th about a possible nightmare future for the Brecon Beacons

July 31 ~ Alan and Rosie go through the antibody v. active virus test confusion as well as the usual selected news articles.

July 31 ~ Lawrence takes up his pen again in reply to Mr Bennett's apology about the mistake over EU directives (see below)(Note:The serological testing is not taken from any EU directives but from the OIE code, which the EU has adopted as its basic vade mecum. However, since this code has no legal force in the UK, the actual legal basis for carrying out the testing is the Animal Health Act 1981. It is interesting that Bennett should call in aid EU Directives when the government is using UK law. )

July 30 ~ "Far from being discredited, the contiguous cull has been demonstrated as being highly effective in the limitation of the spread of disease" wrote the egregious Mr Ben Bennett to Alan Beat. Alan's reply is a masterpiece. There are other gems here, including some recherché fax and phone numbers.

But see too the reply given by Lawrence to the same harrassed Defra official. It may take your breath away for a moment if you recall Mr Bennett's answer to Lawrence's first query (See July 29 below)

July 30 ~ Extract from Dr Richard North's latest update: "It would thus suit Mrs Beckett fine if the hills were stripped of livestock and trees were planted in their stead, helping the government to meet its Kyoto obligations. This would explain DEFRA's enthusiasm for slaughtering the hefted sheep on the Brecons and the mass slaughter of Cumbrian and Scottish sheep. It also augers ill for the flocks on the North Yorks Moors. "

July 29 ~ This correspondence between Lawrence Wright and the DEFRA DVM for Exeter, Mr B Bennett, about serological testing is well worth looking at. Lawrence askssome vital questions. See the answers each receives. Particularly important is the question of labelling.
July 28 ~ update from Alan and Rosie - more on vaccination and the insanity of killing sheep with antibodies

July 27 ~ update from Alan and Rosie includes a letter from Pirbright

July 27 ~ email about morale in the army units assisting with the culls. "They are used to orders from competent officers, not incompetent civil servants:defending the population, not murdering their livestock as the children stand by crying: "

July 27 ~ email about 11 year old William's letter to Prince Charles.

July 26 ~ an email received from Pat Rickett about the possible reasons for NOT vaccinating.. "We have supported all cries for vaccination... are we alone?" - certainly theories such as these are being heard more widely now

July 26 ~ Alan and Rosie's update...the deputy chief vet in Brecon says he is "just carrying out orders"...also a letter from Pirbright about "active" and "passive" spread

July 26~ no doubt the police who barricaded Dr Fish away from the sheep she was trying to protect were also "just carrying out orders"..

July 26 ~ The Women's Institute is not altogether happy it seems

July 26 ~ Willy Poole's latest article on the FMD fiasco in Horse and Hound today.."all the government's hidden agendas are well served by the continuance of FMD.."

July 25 ~ Today's update contains a forthright letter from Lawrence about the footpath fiasco and a letter from Michaela refuting all the points in the standard NFU "Why we don't support vaccination" letter.

July 24 ~ The Update from Alan and Rosie Beat contains a very important extract about the impossibility of antibody-positive sheep being carriers of the disease.

July 23 ~ Among other always interesting items, Alan and Rosie comment on Defra's volte face about milk tankers

July 22 ~ Nick's latest email... news that is sad, infuriating and deeply worrying. How ARE these cattle getting the disease. It certainly isn't as a result of being near sero-positive sheep. extract from Nick's email "..their sheep were infected weeks ago and the cattle on the same farm and in close proximity did not go down. HOWEVER MAFF have culled both the flock and the cattle"

July 21 ~ Alan and Rosie's last two updates -including more about pyres, irritation at NFU ignorance and mentioning again that there is no evidence that the virus is now "endemic" in the sheep population - quite the reverse according to tests so far.

July 21 ~ email from Patsi Is the media so afraid of this govt. that they dare not mention what is really going on?

July 21 ~ Something being covered up?

July 21 ~ an email about why we are fighting instead of giving up

July 19~ Alan and Rosie's Thursday Thumpings which today largely concerns the ever increasing volume of calls for a public inquiry and Dr Richard North's timely dirt-dishing on Prof Anderson

July 18 ~ Wednesday Wobblings On the day on which Mr Blair refuses to countenance a public inquiry, Lawrence Wright takes DASH (Devon Association of Smallholders) to task in no uncertain terms for their lack of awareness... "DASH must raise its voice loud and clear in favour of a full, independent public inquiry."

July 17 ~ Tuesday Tyranny from Alan and Rosie - particularly interesting for its first section on the theory of disease spred by pyres and wind. And, s always, for Alan's comments on the things that have just happened or just been published in the press.

July 16 ~ Alan and Rosie venture forth at last, and begin to talk to the neighbours " We are not suggesting that FMD was not present on these farms, but we are surprised that there appears to be no laboratory confirmation at all.."

July 16 ~ News report of Silent vigil at Gisburn which was followed by the slow drive to Clitheroe, via Whalley, where, to blaring horns, drivers and passengers distributed petition forms. Margaret Beckett refused to meet Ruth Watkins in spite of saying that vaccination was still an option.

July 16th ~ Jon's email about the lamb situation and the problem with British packers, animal welfare standards and mentioning the "...Swedish system where there are local abbatoirs, no imports, no exports, local movements, more organic and same price."

Link to analysis of meat imports. It discounts the NFU argument that consumers don't want to buy vaccinated meat, as it shows them they already have in vast quantities.

July 15th ~ an inspirational and simple message from Ann to another Ann

July 13 ~ Tessa's report on the vaccination meeting held at Builth Wells on Tuesday 11th July

Shareholders Report

July 13 ~ Alan and Rosie's "friday furlong" ; today's update is especially useful for its report on the Builth Wells meeting on Tuesday

July 13 ~ The shocking price of lamb these days.....

July 12 ~ an email from Patsi, putting into words the anger, the sorrow and the frustration: "I shall be your first martyr."

July 12~ letter from Andy at Heart of Galloway "...Surely these measures are just a manifestation of bureaucratic power and not based on either scientific advice or practicable considerations."

July 11 ~ more pages from Jane's Diary 14th June - 8th July (well worth printing out to read)....

July 11th -FOOT AND MOUTH Thousands of piglets, lambs and calves being culled by methods too cruel for US vetsThe 2000 Report of the American Veterinary Medical Association Panel on Euthanasia was unequivocal. It stated: 'Intracardiac injection must only be used if the animal is heavily sedated, unconscious or anesthetised'. (JAVMA, Vol 218, No.5, March 1, 2001, p680)

July 9th - Maff's Ten Commandments - from Alan Beat, hoping that no one will be offended (except the obvious) This is too dark for "light relief" - but should cause a wry smile even so...

July 7 ~ Alan and Rosie's "Saturday Saturation" in which their friend Diana says, "What I find hard to come to terms with is that I can promise to protect my child, or my dog or cat, but I don't have any control over the fate of my sheep. It just seems all wrong. Surely the only reason a government should have to intervene would be if I was failing in my duty of protection, just as they might if I was neglecting my child or abusing my dog. Am I making myself clear, or am I just rambling on again?"

An American book About Fast Food - review..."a wonderful book. Nuanced, carefully reported and footnoted, low outrage quotient -- author Eric Schlosser just tells the story; your conclusions are your own business. His opinions are not a secret, but they're not the substance of the book. In particular, the book is sympathetic to cattlemen, poultry farmers, fast-food franchisees, all the citizens caught in the tightening net of mega-everything." ....

Received July 7 ~ an email about maintaining the voluntary ban on hot air Ballooning..Sadly in the case of FMD there is no way that accurate mapping of suspected, infected or contiguous farms can be sourced. The DEFRA site does not show enough detail and is not sufficiently upto date.

July 6 Alan and Rosie...Alastair M's letter to Galloway News about Jim Walker's failure to grasp the science that discredits the cull policy + correspondence about serological testing

July 4 Alan and Rosie's newsletter - reaction to Dispatches programme

July 3 Alan and Rosie Beat Newsletter -includes more on "wooden tongue", so easily confused with FMD

July 1 "Parking a Theme ~Article by Jane Barribal - 'We should leave the sheep alone and vaccinate cattle and pigs'

June 30 Alan and Rosie's Saturday Salutation

June 30 Shareholders Report - Government Handling of FMD (email from Flis)

June 29 Rosie and Alan's "Friday Fank Goodness it's raining" newsletter

June 27 Rosie and Alan's Wednesday Witless

June 26 Email about the National Pig Association Area meeting in Stowmarket...I heard so much bilge being presented to these poor farmers...; I had people telling me about models of virus spread, it being OK to cull out on D notices, that farmers resisting the cull were causing the spread of the disease, the government only enquired about sleepers because of worries over swine fever, and on and on.

June 26 "Labour and the Farmers" from Dairying Today Full text of Barry Wilson's important article:...."One of the main findings of the Philips (BSE) inquiry was that public debate during such crises was essential, that dissenting advice should be heard, that there should be full and open discussion"...

June 24th email from Quita "...that at a meeting in Builth Wells last Monday (18th June), promises were made by the spokesman from the Welsh Assembly and also by Tony Edwards, the Divisional Veterinary Officer for Wales, that there was to be no mass cull in Powys. However, hundreds of healthy animals have now been killed"

...dismissed instantly for questioning the legality of the contigious cull;

Nick Green's laest disturbing report Sunday June 24

June 24 Alan and Rosie

June 23 ~ Tessa's report of the Builth Wells Meeting on June 18th with addendum by Sue

.." It was certainly an interesting meeting and I believe that the attitude of farmers is hardening towards government policies and towards the unions. They are beginning to pull together at last, and they are sick and tired of being deceived, messed around, and not being able to see what future there is for them in farming"

June 22 Tricia writing about the distress "One of the days I will remember during all this horror was Good Friday when, for the whole day, wagon after wagon of sheep and lambs drove by my house"

From Ron - on sadness

June 22 update from Alan and Rosie Beat

June 21 update from Alan and Rosie

Sue Staunton's report on the Search for Truth conference in London

Nick Green's account of the horrific scenes at Skipton

June 20th Jonathan Miller's article on "No truth please we're journalists"

June 20th Heartfelt letter from Ron Drew

June 20th Update by Alan and Rosie Beat

June 19th Update by Alan and Rosie Beat

June 18th Update by Rose and Alan Beat

June 18 Report about Barnoldswick meeting - 200 people stunned with shock

June 17 "Sedbergh in 5 days" More from Death Valley - Nick Green

June 17th - Bryn's response to the news that Elliot Morley is "proud" of the Ministry's policy on FMD

".....proud that he belongs to a political party that have buried their reputation along with millions of healthy animals Mother Earth will regurgitate for years into the mouths of our future?"

June 17th - "Don't pre-judge the judges" from Farmtalking.com

"I read it, forwarded it to a lawyer and then called him. Perhaps it's not surprising that his reaction was one of shock and horror. I try to keep calm in these circumstances and although at first glance myself, I had been concerned, his legal mind more than confirmed my suspicions. Nevertheless, I felt a Barrister's opinion would be a wise move and sought one. Again my fears were confirmed..."

June 16th Update from Alan and Rosie Beat (includes the excellent "Jane's Diary")

We really are at war here in Devon, and the rest of the country is toddling along as if nothing is happening at all.

June 15th ~ Cuckoo's Nest

This title refers to a small room with computer and telephone. Jane Barribal has been running Farmtalking.com since early March virtually on her own. She has been available to anyone who phones or emails seven days a week for 24 hours a day. It is her birthday. In this press release Jane gives an eloquent overview of the mistakes made by Maff/Defra - but without rancour. Well worth reading. Happy Birthday, Jane.

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