Did you hear Radio 4 this morning?

Prof.Chris Bostock endeavouring to wriggle under questioning about the ovine and bovine brain scramble, says that he told SEAC in February 2000 that the brains being used for this experiment could have been contaminated and anyway had seriously deteriorated making any conclusions dubious. SEAC apparently said "carry on "!!

We were 24 hours away from losing all our sheep and the pits were dug ready!

Chris Bostock went on to say that the whole thing was pointless since looking at brains of sheep 10 years old told you nothing about the present sheep flock - which is a point I tried to make to Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian in recent letters.

Where is the National Sheep Association, all the breed societies - with something as serious as this surely the National Beef Association and all the cattle breed societies could all get together and demand that SEAC be disbanded immediately.

The discredited Anderson, Krebs and more all sit there cashing in enormous salaries - and they have done and continue to do more damage, achieving nothing.

I feel more letters coming on - I hadn't realised how hard it was to start a revolution!