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Some want compensation, others apologies. Some want to bring the government down. Some want to protect the RCVS or the Civil Service. Some are furious about animal cruelty.

Most just want to know who was to blame

..... The news yesterday that the MAFF vet that faked the blood test here during CSF was also caught in Scotland during FMD faking documents is dynamite. It is a pity that the Scottish edition of the ST is not on line. ....

The MAFF DVM involved cannot deny that he took my complaint and did nothing about it apart from trying intimidation.....

Scudamore, the Police and Trading Standards cannot deny that I complained at the time. It is all in writing.

The Select Committee cannot deny that I complained to them. The complaint is accessible by anyone in the House of Lords Library.

The Select Committee cannot deny that I then asked for the protection of the House following intimation, neither can Fred Landeg (Page Street), Theresa Phillips (DVM), Mike Lamont (DVM D & G), F.G McIntosh (MAFF boss in Scotland) and many others

Lord McGregor (former Agriculture Minister) and Nick Brown (Agriculture Minister at the time) cannot deny that I told them of this. McGregor, because he was my MP at the time, actually knew the name of the vet, the DVM and the former SAS officer involved. He had read my file before seeing me and had the time to make enquiries.

Nick Brown cannot deny meeting a former senior SAS officer at his home with senior MAFF officals. It was televised. Nobody, including me, realised the significance at the time of transmission. The owner was kept out of camera (standard SAS procedure). It was later when the former SAS officer turned up at my home that I made the connection

I also have a pretty good idea of when the PM was informed of criminal activity and by who. He must take responsibility from that time.

In fact, I have a fat arch-lever file with all the evidence of sustained criminal activity over a long period.

We don't actually need a Public Inquiry. We need a few dedicated policeman on the case - and a very large prison to lock up the culprits. The RCVS and RSPCA are in serious trouble, as are a large number of senior farming organisation officials. There has been a massive theft of British taxpayer and EU funds.

This will certainly bring the government down and force reform of the Civil Service. My guess is that it will also provoke the biggest constitutional crisis since the Abdication.

My main worry is that we will be forced further into Europe as incapable of managing our own affairs and as a danger to animal and human health worldwide

Regards Pat Gardiner