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( Posted also on the UKBA site on Feb 9th)

Keith Vaz, the former Minister for Europe, is getting it in the neck for interfering with a witness to the House of Commons. Apparently Theresa Gorman faced similar problems......but when someone reports a MAFF vet faking a blood test, and following a lack of action complains to the House of Commons, all hell breaks loose

The then Minister of Agriculture, Nick Brown starts visiting former senior officers of the SAS in their homes. Then the ex-officer arrives full of vim and vigour at the complainant's home, breaking all the agreed biosecurity rules and risking making the place uninhabitable.

More complaints to MAFF result in further visits from MAFF managers and more intimidation

.A further complaint to Parliament results in more documents being faked.

It is now well over a year since Jim Scudamore promised an investigation and11 months since it was completed by Scotland's Chief Vet, FG McIntosh.

Nothing has been heard from them. Obviously MAFF/Defra are hiding up something pretty important and are getting high level protection.We live in a banana republic, with Parliament unable or unwilling to protect witnesses to its enquiries.

Regards Pat Gardiner