Anger over CJD victim's death

The disease affects brain tissue

A man from West Yorkshire has died of variant CJD, the human form of BSE,
three months after he was diagnosed with the condition.

Pat's Comment...Read the above...

'Why I'll quit farming'

One of Norfolk's major landowners is cutting his losses and getting out of

Sir Nicholas Bacon last night said a combination of low prices and acute
financial pressures in the agricultural industry had forced him to end
farming on his award-winning Raveningham estate in south Norfolk because it
had continued losing money.,2763,640255,00.html

How a young, fit man in the prime of his life became the latest statistic

Father attacks 'culture of greed' as his son is named victim no 105 of
variant CJD

Beckett plans radical change for farming
The future of agriculture - Emphasis to shift from mass food production to
conservation and more local, organic produce

Ministers are preparing to draw up plans for the most fundamental change of
direction in farming for 50 years, following the publication of a landmark
report this week.

Margaret Beckett's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will
publish a policy document later this year which will recommend switching the
main purpose of agriculture from maximising food production to conserving
the countryside. Mrs Beckett has already asked Gordon Brown, the Chancellor,
for more money to boost organic farming in his long-term public-spending

Mean Fields: Jonathan Miller: The fox's friends are after me

Pursued by hate mail I flee England, fleecing xxxx, a cross-Channel operator
that must for the moment remain unnamed, en route. I book a day-return
ticket on the internet and hide all my baggage in the boot, lest anyone
notice that I am travelling too heavy for a quick back-and-forth.
Everything goes well and I cross the Channel for one-seventh of the one-way
fare. It remains to be seen if the systems of this particular Channel pirate
are capable of catching me and dunning my credit card for the excess. Mind
you, who is fleecing whom?

The hate mail was depressingly predictable. As I'd expected, the furry
creature lovers are furious at the killing by farm dog Timber of the dog fox
that took up residence in the hay barn. Cue the usual foul, vituperative and
foolish mail. Two of my correspondents have told me I should have closed the
doors to the hay barn to keep the fox out. Just how ignorant are these
people? When did you ever see a hay barn with doors?

Others rushed to the defence of the loathsome RSPCA, where I'd planned to
drop off the fox, had I been able to rescue it from Timber's fierce grip.
Some misunderstood my intention and said I should have made a greater effort
to put my fox into the care of the self-appointed guardians of rural vermin
(the same people who sat on their hands as the ministry of rural death
engaged in terrorism against healthy farm animals the length and breadth of

This was not my plan: I'd hoped instead to release the fox into the society'
s lavish headquarters building in Horsham, so that it could defecate all
over the sanctimonious functionaries within. Instead of crapping all over my

Shoppers tempted to choose organic

Gaby Hinsliff, chief political correspondent
Sunday January 27, 2002
The Observer

The organic food revolution is set to receive a major boost from a
government inquiry outlining new ways to restore British shoppers' trust in
The Curry commission on the future of farming in the wake of foot and mouth
disease, to be published on Tuesday, is expected to back financial
incentives for farmers to meet growing demand for more 'wholesome' food.

Man jailed over foot-and-mouth fraud
A livestock dealer today became the first person to be jailed in the Irish
Republic in connection with last year's foot-and-mouth crisis

Pat's Comment. The Americans jail vets that fake blood tests. The Irish jail
those who evade FMD regulations. What do we do? Cover-up for them.

Regards Pat Gardiner