Some farmers, usually major companies, farm livestock both in the UK and overseas.

Quite legal and perfectly proper

Sometimes their activities abroad are in areas where animal disease is endemic. Naturally there would be a regular traffic of scientists, managers, company vets, consultants, not to say samples, semen etc.

Has anyone ever considered the possibility that this was the source of recent outbreaks? Has anyone checked whether the early farms had overseas connections and where those connections were.

It is difficult to investigate or comment, because MAFF deliberately withheld most of the information. Most of the records and forensic will have been deliberately destroyed.

When I asked which farms were infected locally to me, so I could avoid them, I was told by Mrs Duncan (MAFF VO) during the Swine Fever epidemic, that it was against RCVS rules to name an infected farm. A woman DVM, identity uncertain, told me much the same thing on the telephone.

When I checked official sources, the information was missing too. Mike Meredith's site at has a wealth of unpublished material but this is, of course unofficial.

It would be very embarrassing to find that a farmer was actually responsible for introducing FMD to the UK.

Just imagine "a stakeholder" , whatever that is, responsible for bringing in disease.

Britain's overseas agri-empire may well explain why this country seems to have been especially vulnerable..

It would explain why MAFF and their fellow travellers have been lying through their teeth.

Dunn and Bradstreets should be able to help.

Regards Pat Gardiner