Heard from practising Vet in Staffordshire that a colleague inspecting sheep for licence to move to Wales found blisters in mouths and on feet in several. Contacted the Ministry immediately to be told not to worry and let them go. They have now gone. Can anyone throw any light on this?

Also contact in large firm of Quantity Surveyors reports DEFRA inviting Tenders for the work involved in building new laboratories at a cost of 200 million pounds. What exactly are they expecting or indeed hoping for. Perhaps since their Scientists are unable to distinquish between cattle tissue and sheep tissue they are hoping that new buildings might help!! Have contact involved in that fiasco informs me that several members of the team tried to say that the experiment was rubbish but one lady was desparately trying to make a name for herself and further her career. She has undoubtedly done that if 200 million pounds of taxpayers money is to be spent to house her and her equally useless colleagues.

Final moan this morning - on Radio 4 it was announced "Since it was established that BSE in cattle was transmissable to humans" - Is there a way in which Radio 4 can be required to substantiate this statement.

Oh woe - nothing gets better does it. Our internet has been down so have been unable to read Warmwell - so if any of this information is Old Hat - please ignore it!