More than FMD intent on destroying British Agriculture

Today on Radio 4 much play is being made of more reports from SEAC, Spongeform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee

that the epidemic is on the increase. Quote "over a 100 people have died of nv CJD." What they persistently fail to mention is that this is over a period of 7 years! From a population of 65 million people.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to work out that this is an average of 14.285. people per annum. I know some years it is more, but some years it has been less. On these years numbers are not mentioned. What they do not tell us is that because of the few numbers of people who succumb to this disease - and I am not disputing the horror of it, SEAC have to justify their existence in the competition for government funding and since

It has made no 1 news today I presume that this is the time of year! What they also fail to tell mention is that a 20% increase in numbers (even if you say 18 per annum) is just over 3 and one half people. Why are Government Scientists doing this - scaring everyone? Salaries for this prestigious committee - so I am told, but am unable to confirm, - with expenses, amounts to £160,000.00. per annum and I suppose the Index Linked pension!!!

They even stopped wheeling out Prof.Lacey who was so helpful to them - because the last time we went through this performance - probably this time last year - he refused to say that nvCJD was caused through eating beef!

I suppose he had come off the payroll. THERE IS STILL NO PROOF AT ALL THAT ANYONE CONTRACTS CJD FROM EATING BEEF. I read in Farmers Guardian that the OP lobby is pressurising the Government again.- perhaps that has something to do with it.

I do not have an uptodate list of members of SEAC but it would be interesting to know if Prof.Anderson and Krebs are on the list! I am afraid that paranoia is prevalent this morning.

I also hear this morning that the farmers are being blamed again for not agreeing to vaccination against foot and mouth - and I can't find one single farmer who was asked! I hope everyone cancels everything they have to do with NFU and their Mutual Insurance!!