The Journal printed ( in full) this letter of mine today. You are welcome to post it if you so choose. John S Pearson

The Journal,

A recent paper published by Alan Richardson, a former senior vet with MAAF who worked throughout the 1967-8 F&M epidemic and came out of retirement to help in Cumbria, adds great weight to the Journal's campaign for an independent public enquiry into the cause and handling of the foot and mouth crisis. It shows how the malignant influence of the EU is responsible for changing the recommendations of the Northumberland Report because of various directives.

Mr. Richardson concludes:

"It is not enough for the government to claim that it has eradicated the disease by October 2001, as if that were the sole criterion of success. The cost has been enormous, the waste has been enormous and the suffering, both animal and human has been enormous. Much of it was unnecessary. It is to be hoped that those charged with enquiring into the various aspects of the 2001 epidemic will not shrink from challenging their terms of reference which will almost certainly be couched so as to preclude criticism of the MAFF/DEFRA mandarins who have been responsible for this catastrophe."

The full text of this report is available on ~ and is well worth reading.

John S. Pearson

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15 October 2001