PETA, Animal Rights, and Vegan basic dogma is "There are NO good animal-human interactions. All domestic animals must be extinct as soon as possible."

This is an example of why so many US farmers/animal people see red whenever we hear vegan or vegetarian.

Vegetarians mostly seem to be nice people who won't kill animals but the other crowd going to see all our beloved animals extinct if not stopped.

The latest thing in the USA is that left-wing ARs and right wing big-business interests BOTH support harrassing animal friendly ag, not to mention anybody who provides good food at low cost to local families.

Government people are encouraged to do the lazy thing and harrass good people while ignoring the really horrendous offenses.

Big business hates local organic since they can't get a cut and we make factory farms look bad. ARs need bad examples for fundraisers/converts and to sweep earth/animal friendly farmers under the rug.

Government wants as few small business as possible since they're "inefficent" and don't send in much campaign money.

That silly business about the manure seems like the EU greens are suddenly working with the WTO under the table too.

CCase in SC