School goats under threat

These are two 7 year old pet nanny goats at Diss High School. The goats have been with the school all their lives, but now the teacher who runs the unit where the goats live is leaving and hasn't been able to find anyone to take over running the unit.

A small sanctuary had agreed to take them until a permanent home could be found & the goats were duly inspected by a vet.

DEFRA issued a movement licence, but at the last minute insisted that the vehicle carrying the goats had to go to their disinfection area before and after use. They would not allow the driver to carry out the disinfection elsewhere.

The sanctuary owner, wary of cross contamination, didn't want to risk going to the DEFRA site which would be used by commercial livestock lorries. (This apparently gets classified as a "long distance movement" because there is a change of ownership, although the distance isn't in itself very great - Diss to Ely area).

The sanctuary owner has now been taken ill and is now unable to do ANYTHING. So as it is it looks as if the goats will be killed completely unnecessarily. They have never been off site and pose no risk whatsoever, especially in an area that is free from foot and mouth.

The person who contacted is looking for local publicity, and Cullmaff says, "Can we go one better & either find a home (temporary or permanent) for these poor creatures or alternatively arrange some transport to the sanctuary?"

Any volunteers? This needs prompt action. The full facts will need checking, but Mike presumes that if a movement order is in place, changing or extending it should not be too tricky.

If anyone can help, could they please email Mike at stating whether they have local press contacts, transport or a home for the pet goats.