Thank you for replying to my meanderings!

I read the good Baroness's bit on Warmwell, and if you think she would understand, perhaps an effort to straighten her out could be made! I think it will be difficult! An acquaintance of my daughter acquired a job on graduating in the old DoE as a Researcher. She told us that she was absolutely appalled at the IQs of the average politician.

She said everything had to be explained - re-explained and written down and then 95% of them couldn't grasp the information. She did say there were one or two bright ones.

I have been assembling as much information about BSE over the years as I could find, but I have not read Richard North's book. It is perfectly evident that BSE is endemic in cattle and we have therefore been eating it forever.

If you speak to any old slaughterman they will tell you that they have seen 1 or 2 cases every year.

It is worldwide as we are gradually finding out. There is an excellent book which we are reading, not quite finished!, called Deadly Feasts Science and the Hunt for the Answers in the CJD Crisis by Richard Rhodes published by Touchstone Books. Everything they claim to have found out about TSEs was known about in the late 1960s

Today in the Telegraph they are banging on about offspring of BSE animals going into the food chain.

DEFRA KNOW THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF MATERNAL TRANSMISSION I know this from girl working on BSE and Scrapie in DEFRA - they will not come out and say because it retracts on something they have already claimed. I have written to MPs

and all sorts including Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian, stating results of experiments, and still they slaughter offspring and make all this fuss. The epidemic was caused by the meat and bone meal I am certain, but that was not the instigator. There will always be the odd case - I suspect the human form is the same.

The trouble now is that we have a whole industry - Ferguson Krebs Smith and that lot whose jobs depend on keeping it going - at Government funding time they invent something else to draw the public's attention to it.

With regard to monitoring E.Mails - ( I clearly talk too much) A minerals rep called here who claims to have nephew in Special Branch who says that if we all knew what was going on we would be horrified - monitoring E.Mails was just one of many joys to be bestowed on us by our President. All this could be hearsay, but I am in the mood to believe anything.

Thank you once again for all your hard work - millions of us are grateful!