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Uppsala Protocol "Oil and gas will run out too fast for doomsday global warming scenarios to materialise" Sweden's University of Uppsala (reported in the New Scientist Oct 2003)

"We also have a huge task in preparing the British people for a change in life-style before a more unpleasant change is forced on them...national planning for survival runs only the risk of being a little premature...." John Busby of the Busby Report - a National Plan for survival in the 21st Century

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About four-fifths of the world's known oil reserves lie in politically unstable or contested regions. In the mid-1990's a man by the name of Jay Hanson, who operated the website made the following predictions
  • Worldwide oil production would peak sometime around the year 2000
  • Within a few years of the peak, the US would invade Iraq under false pretences, depose Saddam, seize the oil fields, and set up an occupational government

    "nothing can replace oil

    "A recent review of the future prospects of all alternatives has been published. The summary conclusion reached is that there is no known complete substitute for petroleum in its many and varied uses."[12] For example, when the oil's gone, food production will drop to a fraction of today’s numbers: "If the fertilizers, partial irrigation [in part provided by oil energy], and pesticides were withdrawn, corn yields, for example, would drop from 130 bushels per acre to about 30 bushels." [13]


  • Long Article from

  • Are we running out of Oil? pdf poster by L.B. Magoon (Australia)

  • After-Oil - a UK website "....Britain is not self-sufficient and unless prepared will not avoid the consequences of global collapse. The first step for the United Kingdom is to recognise that there is a coming problem and that a national plan for survival is needed. The second step is to draw one up. We then have only 10 years to put the plan in place. We need to make use of currently available resources to install the capital plant needed to be ready for living without the said resources. If we wait until the rest of the world catches on, the resources we need in the interim will be approaching exhaustion and will be too expensive.
    We also have a huge task in preparing the British people for a change in life-style before a more unpleasant change is forced on them by circumstances and to be able to re-direct capital and resources in a direction not currently taken, especially as it may contrast with that taken by the rest of Europe or of the world...."

  • Lights Out! The End of the Oil Age - "....As fuel costs rise, our freeways will crawl to a stop, our airports will be shuttered. The process of economic globalization, which is so dependent on inexpensive transport, will hit a brick wall. By necessity, economies will have to retrench and become more local, more self-centered.
    That is not likely to be a painless process. .."

  • - Association for the Study of Peak Oil (international organization of geologists) Oil and gas will run out too fast for doomsday global warming scenarios to materialise, according to a controversial analysis presented this week at the University of Uppsala in Sweden . ( CNN Oct 2, 2003 , NewScientist Oct 2, 2003 )

  • - the science of peak oil Based on current data and new analytical techniques, recent studies by Dr. Colin J. Campbell and others conclude that world petroleum output will peak during the first decade of the 21st century and will decline rapidly thereafter.

  • - what goes up must come down (overpopulation and oil based agriculture) - ".....the "crash" that many fear -- a genuine collapse over a period of one or two generations, with much violence, starvation, and loss of population. The alternative is the "soft landing" that many people hope for - a voluntary change to solar energy and green fuels, energy-conserving technologies, and less overall consumption. This is a utopian alternative that, as suggested above, will come about only if severe, prolonged hardship in industrial nations makes it attractive, and if economic growth and consumerism can be removed from the realm of ideology." Joseph A. Tainter

  • - Eating Fossil Fuels (oil and agriculture)

  • - original reporting on the politics of peak oil, 9/11 complicity, drug money corruption

  • - very good summary of peak oil social implications

  • - "The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies" (managing the collapse)

  • - "High Noon for Natural Gas"

  • Colin Campbell on the year 2000 peak of oil production

    Peak oil is a turning point for Mankind. The economic prosperity of the 20th Century was driven by cheap, oil-based energy. Everyone had the equivalent of several unpaid and unfed slaves to do his work for him, but now these slaves are getting old and won't work much longer. We have an urgent need to find how to live without them.
    It is stressed that we are not facing a re-run of the Oil Shocks of the 1970s. They were like the tremors before an earthquake, although serious enough, tipping the World into recession. Now, we face the earthquake itself. This shock is very different. It is driven by resource constraints, not politics - although of course politics do enter into it. It is not a temporary interruption but the onset of a permanent new condition.


  • - summaries of world oil crisis, natural gas depletion

  • interviews with petroleum experts on peak oil and its implications - includes an interview with one of Bush's key energy advisors (Matthew Simmons), who has briefed Governor Bush on peak oil for several years

    ......and....Peak Oil is Not What You Think a forum from "" which seems largely well informed and is certainly interesting.