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19 April 2005 A crisis meeting on postal voting is to be held in Whitehall on Thursday, says the Times today. "Sam Younger, the chairman of the Electoral Commission, David Monks, the leader of the returning officers, and Adam Crozier, the chief executive of the Royal Mail, have been called to see Alex Allan, the Permanent Secretary at the Department for Constitutional Affairs. ... last Friday the Electoral Commission sent out new emergency guidance to all returning officers to guard against fraud." Read article in full

10 April 2005 ~ Postal voting "Ministers went so far as to draw up a bill but then dropped it after a government-commissioned study showed it would reduce the turnout of key Labour voters such as the young and poor. The disclosure will reignite the row over postal voting. It follows a senior judge’s warning last week that the British electoral system is now wide open to fraud and would “disgrace a banana republic”. ... 64% of people now think postal voting should be stopped until security is improved." Sunday Times

10 April 2005 ~ "Tony Blair's claim that postal voting was "no more prone to fraud than any other systems" has been seriously undermined by a Telegraph investigation into one of the cities that pioneered the system." Sunday Telegraph

5 April 2005 ~ "Labour Party officials wanted to postpone Mawrey’s inquiry until after the general election; he faced them down. They withdrew their legal support from the accused councillors in the hope of delaying proceedings; he pressed on. Now he has caught their colleagues red-handed. .." Times and Blog

1 March 2005 ~ Warmwell has been concerned about postal voting fraud ever since postal voting was introduced. Now we read in today's Times, "The Government has ruled out safeguards against rigging postal votes in the general election because time has run out, it emerged yesterday, as a court was told that Labour supporters forged 1,200 votes in a single council ward last June." Read Dominic Kennedy's article in full

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... North-West were shelved this summer, ostensibly over postal ballot problems but
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See in particular Section 21 for the proposed "emergency" powers
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At this point, October 16 2004, it was decided that the INBOX ...
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