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Purdey's conclusions are seeming more and more plausable as time goes on. He maintains that the hyperinfectious hypothesis was based upon a single strand of evidence - that TSEs could be transmitted via injections of TSE diseased brain tissues into unfortunate laboratory animals. Yet, various other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, thyroiditis, some cancers and toxic metal encephalopathies have also been transmitted in this way. ..and are not labelled ‘hyperinfectious’.

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Sept 10 2002 Extract from Mark Purdey's article: The WASTING LANDS - the CWD epidemic in deer

a surge of near hysteria has bestruck the official US wildlife departments whose job it is to preside over CWD. Following in the footsteps of the official furore over mad cow disease in Europe, the US government has sadly adopted the same unproven hypothetical mindset on the origins of these diseases; that TSEs stem from exposure to hyper infectious 'prions' that are readily transmitted via body to body contact (saliva, etc), or via 'prion' contaminated feed. In this respect, blame has been conveniently offloaded onto the deer themselves -- for sharing the same feed troughs, etc, -- or onto the hunters for transporting the 'infectious' agent around with them from shooting region to region.

But why has such a deeply flawed and scientifically inept theoretical consensus been permitted 'gospel' status for such an unusually protracted period of time? The launch of any new theory into the notoriously sceptical scientific establishment invariably attracts a fair degree of healthy challenge. But strangely enough with TSEs, there has been an exception to this rule. This is largely because the UK government has been actively engaged in tailoring or outright suppressing, any publicity surrounding dissident scientific studies that invalidate or even begin to threaten any aspect of the official hypothesis. Furthermore, it is strange to witness the same old 'masters of complacency' in the higher echelons of UK officialdom, suddenly adopting a high degree of hypersensitivity over the way that they deal with their affairs. Such an incongruous style of official behaviour has betrayed a deep level of insecurity over anything that they are telling us on BSE. .....

See the correspondence obtained by Mark which reveals some of the underhand dealing behind attempts to stifle his research.

"The maverick is beginning to look like a visionary."

June 3 Mark Purdey writes to

Mark Purdey refutes the findings of the Gabriel Horne Committee

Mark Purdey's evidence at the Phillips BSE Inquiry

See also this section from the same source From the Times Magazine May 2000

Before he became Environment Minister, the MP Michael Meacher also called for Purdey's theories to be checked out, as has the Conservative MP and former chairman of the House of Commons Agriculture Select Committee, Sir Richard Body.

"He may not have a doctorate, but he's no fool," states Sir Richard, himself the author of four books on farming, "and he has been fighting a very lonely battle. The Ministry of Agriculture has behaved disgracefully because he challenged their authority. Some say he is obsessional, but when you're fighting a scientific establishment, you have to be. A lesser man than he would have given up years ago. "

It was an official from the Ministry of Agriculture;' recalls Purdey. 'She said we were in a zone where it was compulsory for us to treat our cows with a systemic organophosphate warble fly treatment. This is poured along the cow's spine, seeps through the skin and changes the entire internal environment of the cow into a poisonous medium in order to kill off any parasites. But anyone can see the stupidity of doing that with a chemical derived from a military nerve gas. "

The Purdeys refused to comply. They were young idealists who did not expect to succeed, but when their case went to the High Court, they won. Purdey found himself on the front page of The Times and was inundated with letters from farmers who suspected that OP pesticides and fungicides had wrecked their health.

Purdey trawled through the medical literature, turning himself into an expert on 0Ps in the process. Like his grandfather before him he badgered the authorities to accept that these nervous diseases were real and not to be denied. He worked long into the night and without pay to gather evidence, listening endlessly - often to Margaret's exasperation- to stories of OP poisoning.

The science is complex. In a nutshell he describes it thus: "OPs exert their toxic effect by deforming the molecular shapes of proteins ." In 1987 Purdey was asked to write a paper for the House of Commons Select Agriculture Committee about OP intoxication in farmers. "I found scientific journals from the twenties which showed exactly the same symptoms," he says," although all these farmers were told they were neurotic and imagining it."

Not only do these chemicals cause sickness,depression, fatigue, spasms and weakness in farmers,argues Purdey, but they are aqlso the root cause of BSE in cattle."Animals with spongiform diseases, such as BSE, he explains "exhibit brain proteins which are deformed - in the same as those proteins affected by the OPs. My case was that OPs had penetrated the central nervous system, generating chain reactions of free radicals which deformed proteins and upset the balance of minerals in the brain."

What's more, British cattle had been given exceptionally high doses of this type of systemic OP (phosmet)- higher than any of the few other countries which used this pesticide. And if meat and bone meal feed produced in Britain had caused BSE, why didn't the disease occur in countries which had imported exactly the same UK feed? There had to be another reason, Purdey argued, and media and public support for his cause was growing.

After Purdey made the 1998 Open Space TV documentary Aggrochemicals about OPs and human health - the late poet laureate Ted Hughes wrote with a million congratulations" Purdey's argument, he wrote, was "clear, self-evident, inexorable. So simple. One bull's-eye after another. You've planted a big bomb. They can't hide from the camera, can they? They're as scared as we are. "

Just how big a bomb was already becoming clear. In the Eighties the Purdeys moved from Wales to the southwest of England. "The week after we moved in, a man bought a house nearby," says Purdey. "He fired guns over our property on several occasions and let off detonations when the milk lorry arrived. At first I thought he was just a nutter, but when I reported the incidents to the police, they said, 'You realise some people are employed to behave in this way."'

Then, on an occasion which the Purdeys have dubbed "Bloody Sunday", their neighbour began firing at their milking parlour while Purdey sheltered inside. Margaret, nine months pregnant, called the police, who said Purdey would have to be shot before they could do anything.

Their neighbour's unpredictable behaviour continued. On the day when Purdey was due to advise MPs about the effects of OPs on the nervous system, the neighbour barricaded the Purdey's driveway with an army truck, blocking the milk lorry's access and making it impossible for Purdey to leave.

"Everything was going wrong;'he says,so we decided to sell up and move to Wales. The week after we left, our former neighbour put his house on the market. Then, the night before we moved, our new farmhouse burned down.

The police said it was an electrical fire, but as the house was a repossessed property, the electricity wasn7t on. We went into hiding. "

.Purdey is aware of sounding paranoid, and admits he has no proof of any campaign against him. But he points out that in the US it is known that campaigners like Purdey are subjected to harassment and attempts to discredit them, so why not here? His response has been to make sure any incidents are recorded in the press - and he has a thick file of yellowing cuttings to show for it.

One of these describes an incident on December 28, 1991. While the Purdeys were away for Christmas, their barn wall "fell down", crushing a caravan containing Purdey's medical library. "We'd just got planning permission for the barn, so it was sound," says Purdey. The newspaper picture shows him holding aloft his saxophone - he plays it to his cows - which was salvaged from the wreckage.

Another newspaper cutting, from September 3, 1991, quotes his vet as arguing that it is time to testPurdey's theory. And then one from the local paper, a few weeks later: "Riddle of vet's car on lorry's side of road" ' The Minchead inquest heard that he died after driving into the path of the lorry for no apparent reason... There was no evidence of any prior defect on the[car]". The verdict was accidental death.

The vet's death was reminiscent of an accident in which Purdey's solicitor – also a good friend - who had represented him at the High Court in the OP case, was killed. "His car lost control and hit a wall on a straight stretch of road * "Over the next few years, alarming incidents occurred with increasing regularit In the spring of 1993, one of the Purdeys' calves was born with BSE to a cow with BSE, contrary to government orthodoxy. The night before a news story about this was due to appear in The Independent, their telephone lines were vandalised, making it impossible for Purdey to respond to any media interest

Purdey admits that at times he has been very afraid. "But I would be a traitor to myself if I gave it up," he says. "You have to live by your heart,

"It was in early 1994 that the Government began to take him seriously, claims Purdey, inviting him to a five-hour meeting with MAFF's top scientists. But still the strange events continued. In 1995 Margaret was at home with the children when she found a man rummaging in their out-buildings. He told her he was on his way to Guernsey - which was where Purdey happened to be speaking that evening.

Purdey's BSE theory was gaining ground, especially overseas. But although in 1996 he was summoned to see EU farm commissioner Franz Fischler, the meeting had disappointing results. "He said that because my work was not peerreviewed - assessed by qualified scientists - he couldn't take it any further;' says Purdey. "But it was peer-reviewed. This was just appeasement."

Meanwhile, as it was announced in the spring of 1996 that BSE had infected humans in the form of new variant CJD, three leading scientists - all specialists in spongiform brain diseases - met with tragic fates. In April, Dr Clive Bruton, curator of the Corsellis Collection Brain Bank at Rurnwell Hospital in Essex, was found dead in his crashed car after a heart attack. He had been publicly arguing that deaths from CJD were going unrecognised because it was assumed that Alzheimer' disease - which has indistinguishable symptoms - was the cause.

According to the MP Teresa Gorman, who successfully campaigned to stop the Corsellis Collection from being dispersed, this was a uniquely valuable resource in that it contained the brains of people who died before BSE. Comparison with CJD victims might show that the same brain plaques" were in evidence before BSE - or perhaps not. "This should have been examined in the context of BSE," she says. "It is entirely possible that BSE is connected to OPs," she believes, "but the basic science has not yet been done. All the money has been cornered by the SEAC people [the Government's independent advisors on BSE and CJD], who were dealing with scrapie at the time of BSE, and it is hard to wrest that from them. I do think Mark Purdey's theory deserves more attention, but there's a huge vested interest at the SEAC end, and a lot of members from industry on this committee. They have a position to maintain and it has been difficult to get funding for alternative research "



..... I wondered why the British government had not told their own livestock farmers before anybody else.This would have enabled us all to work cooperatively to prevent the spread of the disease five months sooner than we actually did. And then I wondered whether this revelation from my Aussie customs informant betrayed the fact that the pommy government had no real intention of halting the spread of the foot and mouth disease. Their negligent inaction confirms this suspicion .... Furthermore, their deliberate failiure to address the true cause of BSE - since Cambridge University studies in 2000 showed that manganese can cause the prion protein to transform into its BSE causing form - is equally negligent. But I suppose the deviant and delinquent behaviour of the Uk government towards their own people's interests is all part and parcel of the global and European ( agenda 2000 ,etc ) totalitarian diktats to reduce livestock numbers at whatever cost - to make way for the increased consumption of multinational controlled GM soya sources of protein....Mark Purdey's latest email

Latest from Mark Purdey (May 27) and his researches into Manganese and Mad Cow

One of the reviewers of my proposal had misread the number of samples that I had proposed for each cluster location - by twenty fold less - and accused me of proposing too few samples per cluster location to be scientifically valid. If this were the case, you could just increase the number of samples to be taken, surely ? But despite my pointing this major error out to the Ministry, they heralded this up as the key criticism, later promoting that reviewer to their expert panel for assessing BSE research. .....
Well, I suppose I should have learnt the lesson by now that the Ministries and their global corporations like to hide their mega manganese or organo phosphate interests behind farcical disputes over the suitability of cardboard boxes or the terminological confusion surrounding soil slices. But how do they have the heart to place these fastidious nit-pickings in front of this crippled young girl ? .......

News from Mark Purdey

.. I have found myself so severely criminalized by the Establishment that my voice carries no weight whatsoever.

This is ridiculous since the hard evidence that has accumulated in support of my work over the last years greatly exceeds the total lack of evidence supporting the hyperinfectious theory. .... - all politics and nothing to do with good science ..(See article from Mark Purdey received May 15th 2002)

Mark later reported: "The research is going amazing here. I think I have confirmed the lethal link between sales of high grade manganese dioxide off this island to UK animal feed firms in the early 1980s. ...The aboriginees did not used to behave in this way until they stopped their nomadic life and came to live fulltime on top of this bedrock of manganese and work in the mines.