I'm mad with fury! I guess we won't see one of the MAFF/DEFRA slaughtermen prosecuted for any of their cruel and bungling killings - and it's absolutely outrageous.

Adding insult to injury is the newsletter from DEFRA that I mentioned some days back, which reminded us that 'prosecutions may result if preventable welfare cases occur over the following months'. Pity that they can't be made to admit that all their dreadful killings were preventable - first, because killing healthy animals was unnecessary and, second, that if they were going to kill them, sensible stockmen and slaughtermen could have prevented all the pain, suffering and terror.

I cannot understand how no one is held responsible. I have spoken to MAFF/DEFRA officials about this before and they have assured me that the vet is held responsible for the way the slaughtering is done. So, who was the vet at Gilwern??

I am still waiting for a judgement from RCVS on the vet who stole and slaughtered Mr. Pedrick's ewe and lamb all those months back! Will let you know when I finally hear anything.

Love, Quita