Just a quick note before bedtime to tell you about a conversation I had today with my taxi driver, who was a young, pleasant fellow.

I, as usual. after we got chatting, asked him what he thought about the way that FMD had been handled, to which he replied, 'Terrible!'.

I was about to whip out my petition, when he explained that he thought they hadn't killed enough, fast enough, and went on to say that he thought they should have killed all animals in a 40-mile radius of each infected farm. I speedily introduced thoughts of vaccination, but he said that vaccination wouldn't cure diseased animals, would it?

We later talked about the future of farming and I asked him if he'd heard about things like future meat imports possibly coming from places like Poland. The dear fellow replied that that would be a good idea - instead of meat coming from farmers all over the country, we could just have one lot coming in from Poland and it could all be checked properly and we would know it was safe to eat.

Wow!! But don't worry - I put him right for the whole of the rest of the journey - so much so that he ended up saying that it was a pity that he and I didn't rule the country!!

It is absolutely staggering how ignorant and ill-informed people are - it just confirms that everything needs to be explained in the most basic, simple terms,to people individually whenever possible, and that most of the stuff coming out just goes over the majority of people's heads.

And that's it.
Goodnight, folks!