extract: ".... expressed his dismay at the current policies and advocated a programme of vaccination without delay"

An encouraging and well attended meeting was held at Builth on Wednesday, organised by the Epynt Action Group. The meeting was chaired by the EAG and the panel consisted of representatives from the unions, the supermarkets, the CLA, tourism,and the Farmers Ferry. Dr. Ruth Watkins spoke at length on the subject of vaccination, and other members of the panel put forward their views, which were briefly as follows: the supermarkets said that providing food standards were happy they could see no objection to selling vaccinated products; the Farmers Ferry said that although there was not a market at present for the small lambs, as soon as restrictions were lifted there were buyers waiting; tourism said that if the outbreak continued into next year the industry would not survive, and the CLA thought that a vaccination programme should now be considered. The unions are still against such a programme.

The general consensus of opinion was that the outbreak must be brought to an end with the utmost speed and that it was now a question of either deciding to vaccinate or to stick with the current policies and hope for the best Nobody really believed that hoping for the best is adequate.

The meeting was then thrown open to the audience and there were some notable speeches from Phil Owens FUW, Janet from Forest of Dean Action Group, now representing (very ably indeed) National F & M Group. and a person involved who expressed his dismay at the current policies and advocated a programme of vaccination without delay. Questions covered a wide range of related aspects, the lifting of D notices very much to the fore. A show of hands at the end indicated a large majority in favour of vaccination , and a further show of hands approved the sending of a delegation to the Welsh Office to ask them to sit down with experts such as Dr. Watkins and other interested parties to properly and fully discuss the possibility of vaccination in order to accelerate the end of the outbreak. Tessa

PS Neither Bob Parry FUW nor Huw Richards NFU Cymru turned up, despite having accepted an invitation to attend. They sent apologies at the last moment, which DID NOT go down at all well! Hopefully they will summon up to courage,. along with Carwyn Jones, to attend a similar meeting at Welshpool next Thursday - details later.