Version 3 of DEFRA's Contingency Plan is now available (opens in new window)

We have received responses to DEFRA's contingency plan: From Mary Marshall - member of DEFRAs FMD Stakeholders Group representing the Smallholders Forum (also a member of the Foreign and Emerging Diseases Committee of the US Animal Health Association)

From the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Independent Food

From Anne Lambourn - Individual with veterinary and farming connections, who has submitted material to all the Inquiries.

The National Foot and Mouth Group - "An affiliation of organisations affected by 2001 UK epidemic"

From Captain Bryn Wayt - "The EU proposals for fighting FMD are reasonably fair, but the UK makes it clear they are willing to go beyond what is proportionate by invoking the AHB..."

March 11 ~" this work is underway."

March 3 ~ Comments on Defra's Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan, Version 2.5

March 3 ~ "Absent from this document are the crucial topics on improving diagnosis and record/data acquisition and analysis."

March 3 ~ Diagnostics.... portable real-time RT-PCR tests.....The US Congress has just been told that these tests are ready for use in an emergency....

March 3 ~ GIS surveillance ... " it can eliminate the need for bulky double tags on sheep and goats and reduce the amount of paper work .."

March 3 ~ Real-time alert (table top) exercises

March 3 ~ "We need balanced, focused leadership which can.. rise above.... narrow vested interest groups, researchers seeking funds .... political pressures. "

March 3 ~"Please, can we fundamentally review the contingency plan and open it up to international consultation?"

March 3 ~ Will Defra have the courage to accept this new approach to animal disease control?

( Comments for DEFRA on their FMD Contingency Plan)

March 1-2 ~"It seems that Defra is still woefully ill prepared..."

Feb 28 ~ "It would be catastrophic if another outbreak occurred while leisurely preparations were being carried out...".