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My opinion.

Kyoto. Rush to clean up the air targets CO2 and all that. Already at it on Company Car Tax. Emissions.

Everybody has now to change cars to lower emissions,before April. Or, be taxed off the planet.So Blair can go back and tell 'em what a good boy he has been. Animal waste ( cowpats ) etc. heavy in co2 ? etc. Better get rid of 'em. Targets to reach.

Seems to me that the areas devastatingly culled out were mainly on high ground.Valleys, lots of wind.

Loads of space. Not many trees. Sparse population. Get rid of the animals. Stick up wind powered generators. Link to the National Grid. Clean air. Clean Fuel. Pat on the back. Saviour of the World. Cup of tea vicar?

Now do you think I'm a nutcase ?

(see also Booker's Notebook today)

".....Denmark, the world leader, which produces 13 per cent of its electricity from wind power, has just called a halt to the programme which has given it the most expensive electricity in Europe, and yielded no reduction in the emission of "greenhouse gases".

Yet at this very moment Mr Blair's advisers in his Policy and Innovation Unit call for an expansion in wind generation which, in order for Britain to equal Denmark's current level of 13 per cent, would require at least 20,000 new turbines, in addition to the 900 we have already.

To see how absurd this is, one has only to consider the proposal to erect 165 two-megawatt turbines over 48 square miles of the Cambrian Mountains in mid-Wales. Each will be around 400 feet high, the size of Salisbury Cathedral or Millbank Tower. Because they cannot operate when winds are either too weak or too strong, they produce only a quarter of their capacity, requiring permanent backup from conventional power stations.

Total output will be about enough to provide power for a large village, yet each turbine will require a subsidy of £100,000 a year, and any carbon dioxide emissions it saves will be made up by that emitted from just four container lorries...."