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Perhaps this Old Codger should remind you of some facts:-

D.D.T. This fantastic chemical became available to the world at large around 1945, something to do with war surplus I believe. We used to spray it around freely every time we saw an insect. In fact I suspect that many insects were drowned with it. No one ever said it was dangerous, I must have inhaled gallons of it. After a while it started to be more difficult to obtain, until finally we were told it was dangerous and it is banned in many countries. It was said at one time that no adult American was legally edible due to the high levels of D.D.T. in their bodies. It could be the reason why I have suffered for many years a painful and debilitating illness.

I have for most of my working life been involved with photography and film processing, various processes are used particularly for colour, (color), film. When a new process was introduced some of the operatives started being ill for no apparent reason. Investigations later revealed that one of the chemicals used was lethal and that it should only be used in sealed processing vats, handled in full protective clothing and as well as that there should be 15, fifteen, air changes per hour in the area. No one told us it was dangerous, we found out the hard way.

At one stage we were using a chemical, (from America), to clean films. We started feeling quite unwell. We later found that at the concentrations we were using. it would rapidly destroy our livers. There was no warning on the can or in the instructions that came with the equipment, again we found out the hard way.

Remember Thalidomide, need I say more, again they found out the hard way.

And finally, some one dear to me was given large doses of a drug during her pregnancy. It possibly was/is the cause of her long term illness. She and her daughter, who was the result of that pregnancy, found out more than twenty years later that the daughter is now at serious risk of a rare form of cervical cancer, and the grandsons are at serious risk of testicular cancer. 'Unto the third generation'!!!!

In all the above cases, Experts said, 'It's O.K.'

So please let's have no more crap about what is safe and is not safe, it's not that long ago that X-rays and radiation were thought to be good for you and who ever thought that asbestos could be harmful. I believe the manufacturers did, but they never said.

Good Morning all, Ron.

P.S. Joyce has just read this and reminded me that we could find many more examples. R.