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It seems to me that it applies more so over the last couple of months.

Item, New Years Day was it, 2100 sheep slaughtered because a vet thought a couple of them showed signs of FMD, later result NEGATIVE.

Item, Kirkby Stephen, 2 sheep slaughtered suspicion of FMD, general panic, result NEGATIVE.

Item, North Yorkshire, 2 sheep show lesions, slaughtered, absolute panic, result todate, NEGATIVE.

Just imagine what would have happened over the years since 1967/8, if vets had examined every sheep in the land for lesions, I sure they would have found thousands of suspect cases of FMD.

Did I read that Defra said the Vet responsible for the latest panic had a lot of experience of FMD? BLIMEY.

I nearly forgot, did that vet that 'blew the whistle' at the Northumberland County Council Enquiry say that 4000 sheep had been slaughtered because the farmer had spread lime on the fields, BLIMEY. Incidentally, do farmers usually spread lime on a field with sheep grazing on it? Seems a bit daft to me.

So the question is, how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundred of thousands or even millions of sheep were cruelly slaughtered, because a few of them were daft enough to be careless in what they ate? Remember, many of them were starving any way.

You could almost think they were victims of a very cruel plot, or an unbelievable level of incompetence by a lot of people. In which case the piece I wrote is true.

Regards, Ron
P.S. If they can do this now, Heaven help us when the Animal Death Bill is Law. R.