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Forgive me for the following joke, which is probably Politically Incorrect and is bound to offend some one. The Moral will follow the joke.

Every village in my younger days had at least one person who was to say the least 'A sandwich short of a picnic'. So this story is about such a person. By the way I cannot remember any one being seriously unkind to these people, they were just a fact of life. The Farmer, being sorry for this young man, gave him a job and tried hard to make something of him. One day he sent him down to one of the fields to do some work. The Farmer decided to go and see how the young man was getting on. He could not find him. The Farmer heard a noise coming from the other side of the hedge, in a field belonging to a neighbour. Looking over the hedge he saw the young man with his trousers down doing what you do with your trousers down. Said the Farmer to the young man, 'Ee Lad th'art not much use and yo' even tak' your muck next door'.

Moral, In my younger days trying to get the Farmer to give you a barrow load of muck for the garden was like trying to get gold out of Fort Knox, and now some daft B***** says we've got to export it. The world gets Madder and Madder!!!!

I'm glad I'm Seventy-one and as mad as a Hatter, I bet you don't know why Hatters were mad. Question for today, what's a Sagger Makers Bottom Knocker, if you know the answer you must be at least as old as me.

All in fun, I think, Regards, Ron.

And a big P.S. Hooray for young Kirstin, who showed many times more courage than some I could mention. R.