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.... We visit the Tesco Supermarket once a week, the Supermarket is about two hundred yards from the Rosehill office of MAFF/Defra,

so the Vets would be there in droves having their lunch and shopping.

You could identify them by the stink of disinfectant and by the badges hanging around their necks, oh yes, and their liking for daft hats. If their job was upsetting them, they didn't show it. We even heard them boasting about the number of kills they had made, most of them behaved like a mob of university students, which I suspect some of them were.

Some of them had obviously come out of retirement and looked as old as me. Having put up with the sight of them for some weeks, I finally tackled two of them and asked them why they were not in favour of vaccination.

'Doesn't work' was the prompt reply,

so I discussed the matter with them asked them had they heard of Professor Brown and the other experts, they dismissed that discussion as unproven.

Finally, unable to win any argument they informed me that slaughter was what MAFF wanted and slaughter was what MAFF would get. .....

I used to trust Vets, I don't anymore.