Each year we watch Children in Need on BBC One.

Each year I am puzzled why in a country as rich as we are we need to raise funds for the many worthwhile things that this programme supports.

Recently, we have read reports of the man who allegedly hired Elton John to sing at his wedding for a fee of £1,000,000 and the rest of the shindig is alleged to have cost a pretty penny. Tomorrow's lottery draw will possibly be more than is raised by Children in Need. We have a breed of lager louts who spend their lives moving money, commodities and shares around for unbelievable salaries, plus bonus's reaching a Million Pounds or more at times. In the process they, along with the accountants who now run our lives, have the power to destroy the working lives of millions of hard working and skilled people, and in the process a large slice of British industry.

We have seen many farmers over the last few years struggling to survive on an annual income as low as £5,000. We have seen many dedicated professions such as nurses and junior doctors having to take a second job to survive. Young mothers now have to abandon their young children to someone else's care because their husband cannot earn enough to pay the mortgage. In rural areas, two cars are now an essential because of the lack of transport. And yet, in terms of total income we are one of the richest countries in the world!

World wide, our children are an enigma. Young children committing acts of violent aggression are, thankfully, rare in our country but none the less horrifying when they happen. Elsewhere in the world children are brutalised at an early age, we saw the brutal and violent atrocities carried out by young children in the various wars in Africa. We have just heard the reports of 100 child soldiers being massacred in Afghanistan; they were probably hardened fighters who would willingly kill you with the automatic weapon that they were probably carrying. To a Northern Alliance fighter they were just another enemy to be slaughtered.

So here we are, one of the richest countries in the world holding out the begging bowl for our needy children and a few thousand miles away children are an expendable commodity to use in war, even to be sent in to minefields with the promise that they will go straight to Heaven if the step on a mine!

Suffer little children to come unto me????