Infectious diseases inquiry: Royal Society gives details
Royal Society Website

He added: "The inquiry will identify the diseases that pose the greatest threat to the UK, as well as the best ways of protecting ourselves in the future and dealing with outbreaks if they do occur, including the role of vaccination. This will be an independent inquiry examining the science. We intend to consult widely and openly to ensure that we address the main issues." Members of the Committee ...issued an open invitation to all interested paries to submit initial views about the scope of the inquiry, preferably before its first meeting, to be held on October 3, and no later than October 12......Any evidence submitted to the inquiry would be made public, usually through the inquiry's website at - unless accompanied by a request for confidentiality. Initial views should be sent to Geoffrey Findlay, Inquiry Secretary, IDI Inquiry, The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG email: tel. 0207451 2569 fax 020 7451 2692