Extract from Alan Beat's newsletter of September 17

Richard has been doing some more digging:


Given the pivotal role in FMD of Prof Roy Anderson FRS, formerly of the Department of Zoology, Oxford University - and a close colleague of Sir Robert May, also of the Department of Zoology - it is interesting to note that Sir Brian Follett, chairman of the Royal Society's 'independent' inquiry into the scientific aspects of foot and mouth, is a visiting professor of - guess what - the Department of Zoology, Oxford University.

And who else is on the committee? Well, Suzi Leather, deputy chair of the Food Standards Agency, second in command to Sir John Krebs FRS, chair of the FSA and also head of group, in the - guess what - Department of Zoology, Oxford University - the man who introduced Anderson to Prof. King (Fellow of the Royal Society) and made sure he took over the FMD management. Alongside Suzi is Dr Angela Maclean, who just happens to come from - you guessed it - the Department of Zoology, Oxford University.

Of course, all this is a complete coincidence. There can be no question that Follett's inquiry is going to be completely independent and come up with all the right answers.



Our comment: Have you all signed the petition for a Public Inquiry yet?

We (warmwell) add a comment from A....

A well -used ploy to muffle a dissenting voice is to get the person involved onto a committee where a report is produced. One lone dissenting voice can be overruled by weight of numbers (the others are chosen becuase their views are "safe") and then the report is produced with conclusions just as the organisers wanted, the lone voice being safely buried by the weight of votes against it.