A Letter to the Western Mail

Dear Sheila,

Your paper's reported remarks of Paul Flynn M.P. cannot be left unchallenged.

His crass ignorance of the subject ( Rural Crisis arising out of the FMD epidemic) is indefensible. No M.P. should comment on any subject without making some effort to understand it - his comments are irresponsible and designed to cause unjustified division between the rural and urban communities.

Whilst a major disaster for Welsh farming, only a fraction of our farms were culled and compensated for losing their animals ( for the most part unnecessarily thanks to the Government that he's a part of ). As in all matters of compensation it can be argued that some farmers were paid more than their stock was "worth" but, until they have fully restocked no-one knows what prices they will have to pay and how much lost income they will have incurred in the meanwhile.

What is certain is that many farmers have not been adequately compensated for the trauma and the psychological damage to them and their children - particularly when the brutal inhumane killing of their animals was proved to have been totally unnecessary.

Again, there are enormous numbers of farmers who did not lose stock and have, therefore, received no compensation but have lost huge sums of money as a consequence of the paralysis of the industry which has been exploited by their customers - the supermarkets.

This is where the worst financial suffering has occurred but it is clear that Paul Flynn is so blind that he must be the only person in Wales not to know about it as he pumps out his poison from cloud cuckoo land. It doesn't take too much imagination to work out what is causing the smoke.

Yes Sheila, I am infuriated, please call or just print.

Kind regards,

Roy Miller