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The reported comments in today's Independent are appalling.

I keep hearing this drivel and wait in the hope that some elevated personage will flatten the cretins like the "Sinister Minister".

Her remarks are totally inexcusable.

British Farming have been victims of BSE and FMD - both caused by the ineptitude of people like her.

To continue to bang on the Organic drum demonstrates her ignorance of the FACT that, compared with Conventional Farming, the outputs are far less and more expensive. Not only beyond the range of ordinary folk, but resulting in a far greater dependence on imports PROVIDING THAT OTHER COUNTRIES HAVEN'T "GONE ORGANIC" TOO in which case we will have massive food shortages.

The surplus we currently enjoy in the West go to the starving millions in Aid - there's no point in sending money if there's no food to buy.

The countries that espouse Beckett's political principles have signally failed to feed themselves (let alone anyone else) due to state interference of this sort from misguided idiots like her.

With regard to supermarkets selling locally produced food - this is laughable. She wants to set the clock back and raise costs again. We now have a food processing industry that takes a wide range of products from all over - and then redistributes all over. To maintain the identity of carrots from Cardiff or beans from Bolton would be impossible however much I would like to encourage "local selling".