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I think I've caught on to the Government's strategy.

Their idea with these "so-called " inquiries is to get early feedback of their "discoveries" and issue press statements explaining their change in policy in case of another outbreak. Thus anticipating the criticism and being able to say eventually that it is all old hat and these decisions have ALREADY BEEN MADE "LONG AGO".

E.g. tonight "they" have decreed that " in any future outbreak animal movements will be stopped immediately " in order to stop the spread of the disease". The extent to which this "brilliant" observation really applies to the "knowing" people like ourselves is almost painful. The intention is clear i.e. to place the comment on record for the general public (who don't have a corporal amongst them).

I'm sure that I'm not getting paranoid - I can hardly spell it - but this incredible statement cannot have any other significance - it is so obvious.

I believe that their plan is to publish statements in anticipation of the "bullet points" that emerge from the "so-called inquiries" so they can demonstrate that they have already learned the lessons before the lessons are published.