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Extract from

Royal Society Infectious Disease Inquiry Follow-Up review (pdf file) or webpage here

Page Two "We welcome the detailed work that Defra has undertaken on many aspects of our recommendations. We acknowledge that some aspects will require longer to implement than the two years since the publication of our report, and provide below, as bullet points, some areas that require further attention, largely building on work already in progress1.


December 26 - 31 2004 ~ IDL Report follow-up is now available on the internet.

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ " If there are problems associated with a nonslaughter approach then these need to be resolved."

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "Failure to clarify both the exit strategies and meat treatment protocols will undermine Defra’s sterling work in securing these derogations when the Directive was being drafted."

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "Expert group", "Data collection", "Identification of DCs", "portable tests to aid rapid diagnosis in the field"