Part of another email from Sabine Schüller from Intervet sent March 11 2002

Marker vaccine for FMD

....... Vaccination not only prevents animals catching clinical Foot & Mouth Disease but also hampers the virus multiplication.

This means that the spread of the disease is also reduced or slowed down. Together with the new diagnostic tools animals can be controlled of being infected and if so, they must be killed. But mass culling should be avoidable.

Today the available marker systems (Vaccines and the corresponding diagnostic tests) can reduce considerably the economic risk for farmers and the food industry and safeguard the well being of our farm animals. An early decision is necessary in favour of vaccination as an additional tool as soon as it becomes obvious that the disease is spreading further although all other measures have been put in place. Then it can support the control of the disease effectively

The aim of further research being carried out by vaccine manufacturers is to achieve protection against all strains of the virus. The advantage of a marker vaccine effective against all FMD serotypes would be that it would no longer be necessary to maintain supplies of all the different viral strains and the vaccines the combat them.

Biotechnology is the tool needed to develop such vaccines. ......

Kindest regards

Sabine Schueller