Does anyone share my concern about the Countryside Agency?

Extract from news article in Darlington News

Devastating effect of foot-and-mouth revealed in report

THE huge scale of the problems caused by the foot-and-mouth disaster become clear in a major new report on the state of the region's countryside.
......The Countryside Agency's board member of the North-East, Philip Lowe, said the area's hit hardest by the disease consistently rankled among the more disadvantaged rural areas in England.
But he added: "One welcome consequence is that the countryside has never been higher on the political agenda and it is recognised that decisions need to be taken regarding its future."
A "welcome consequence" of foot and mouth? Hardly. I do not trust the Countryside Agency to be any more than a mouthpiece of the government. For the "countryside" to be "high on the political agenda" and for "decisions" needing to be taken "regarding its future" makes the country sound like a wayward child whose control is being planned by an authoritarian schoolmaster. Since when did the government have the right to"make decisions" about "the future" of a large part of the British Isles? Am I alone in feeling a sinking feeling about this?