I thought you might be interested to hear about the change in licensing which DEFRA has implemented.

(that is if you haven't already been told ) As soon as we were able to move animals under licence in this area I applied to the Trading Standards for a licence. I asked them to put the licence in the post and was told this could not be done as they were only allowed to Fax them.They would Fax to my vet as I did not own a Fax machine. To collect the licence involved a 10 mile journey ! After 4 such licences it was obvious that time and money would be saved if I bought a Fax machine which I duly did at a cost of 118 pounds !

Last Monday I contacted Trading Standards to arrange to move lambs to the Abattoir to be told that they had a directive from DEFRA that all licences were NOW to be sent by post ! and because of the Christmas post my licence did not arrive in time !

The Trading Standards Office told me that they had been advising farmers to buy Fax machines and they had purchased extra ones themselves ! Just on a whim DEFRA changes the rules and we all suffer.....and waste money. I have no need for a Fax machine and that money could have been more effectively used to buy feed for my sheep. I despair of ever dealing with anyone in the Ministry who uses any common sense!

Thank you for your website... I only wish I had found it sooner,

Sandra T