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"The detainees were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, sometimes protracted. Certain "enhanced interrogation methods used fulfil the definition of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment in Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention against Torture.."
...."The UK government must accept that, with their denials of complicity in extraordinary rendition wearing ever thinner, the case is pressing for a formal inquiry into whether MI5 tipoffs led to British citizens being incarcerated in Guantanamo and whether CIA planes have rendered people to torture through British airports."

June 8 2007 ~ So-called US "high-value" detainees (HVD) - whose existence were revealed by President Bush in September 2006 - were held in secret CIA detention centres in Poland and Romania between 2002 and 2005, according to a report of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) adopted today. Council of Europe Press release - 400(2007) The report was based in part on the cross-referenced testimonies of over 30 serving and former members of intelligence services in the US and Europe, and on a new analysis of computer "data strings" from the international flight planning system. It describes in detail the scope and functioning of the US's "high-value detainees" programme, which it says was set up by the CIA "with the co-operation of official European partners belonging to Government services" and kept secret for many years thanks to strict observance of the rules of confidentiality laid down in the NATO framework. The programme "has given rise to repeated serious breaches of human rights", the committee declared, including the torture of detainees. In an explanatory memorandum, rapporteur Dick Marty (Switzerland, ALDE) also revealed: 7 US "high-value detainees" (HVDs) were held at the Stare Kiejkuty intelligence training base during the period from 2002 to 2005 7 A secret agreement between the US and NATO allies in October 2001 provided the framework for the CIA to hold "high-value detainees" in Europe

June 8 2007 ~ Extraordinary rendition on trial Snowmail tonight: "Accused of carrying out one of the most controversial aspects of America's war on terror: 25 CIA agents and US airforce colonel - have gone on trial in Milan. They're charged with kidnapping a Muslim cleric off the street as he walked to his mosque in 2003. Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr - better known as Abu Omra -- was abducted in February 2003 and flown via Germany to Egypt, where he says he was tortured. He was released in February this year. None of the Americans turned up for the trial, which began in a courtroom lined with empty cages. One Italian agent who was also charged WAS present - saying he had nothing to hide."
Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving Council of Europe member states: second report Explanatory memorandum* (pdf)
Draft resolution and recommendations: a "spider's web" of illegal transfers of detainees woven by the CIA in which Council of Europe member states were involved, and expressing suspicions that secret places of detention might exist in Poland and Romania. ..." "7. The detainees were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, sometimes protracted. Certain "enhanced" interrogation methods used fulfil the definition of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment in Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention against Torture.."

June 8 2007 ~ extraordinary renditions- the smoking gun Snowmail's comment: "the Council of Europe report on extraodinary dynamite. The report, to be broadcast on C4's Dispatches, says categorically for the first time that illegal detention centres around the world existed and were set up by the CIA, in effect to kidnap and torture people from whom the USA wished to get information.
It really is the smoking gun as it were, of what has been suspected and hinted at for so very long."
So prisons did indeed exist in Romania and Poland and there were flights which had been "permitted" simply by signing agreement.
See Wikipedia's entry on Extraordinary rendition

April 18 2007 ~ Secret renditions A Pakistani man, Khalid Rashid, who vanished after being arrested in South Africa as an illegal alien in 2005, whose family says was abducted as part of the U.S.-led war on terror, is in custody in Pakistan after 18 months of secret detention. Amnesty International: "Mr. Rashid has already suffered 18 months of secret detention, and it is totally unacceptable for the Pakistan authorities to continue to deny him access to his lawyer, family and medical care." See Reuters

January 24 2007 ~ ~ Secret Renditions - Geoff Hoon criticised in the report (see below) which "deplored" the way he co-operated with the committee investigating secret renditions claims. See Independent "....Overall the UK emerged as one of the countries which tolerated a significant number of "black flights" and failed to assist British citizens who were abducted in other countries. The document, agreed yesterday, expressed "serious concern about the 170 stopovers made by CIA-operated aircraft at UK airports, which on many occasions came from or were bound for countries linked with extraordinary rendition circuits and the transfer of detainees"..... The authors of the report also said they were outraged by the legal opinion of the Foreign Office adviser Michael Wood "according to which receiving or possessing information extracted under torture, as long as there is no direct participation in the torture, is not prohibited"...." (See report from November below)

January 23 2007 ~ ~ Secret CIA "renditions" - Austria, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the UK are at the top of the list in the name-and-shame campaign. The European Parliament's committee on CIA activities in Europe has called for sanctions to be imposed on member states which have condoned violation of human rights by US intelligence and strongly criticised the EU council for "trying to lie" to parliamentarians.
The final report was adopted today and it demands that the European Commission begin an independent investigation without delay and " impose sanctions on member states in case of a serious and persistent breach of human rights". Not much chance of this, according to a senior Dutch member of the CIA committee, Jan Marinus Wiersma. See EUobserver.

November 28 2006 ~ EU report into 'extraordinary renditions' UK 'uncooperative' EUobserver '.... Italy, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Aus"ria saw terrorism suspects snatched on their territory the report by Italian socialist MEP Claudio Fava will say, while the UK, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Poland hosted hundreds of secret CIA flights...Warsaw declined to field any government ministers or MPs to answer MEPs' questions and the Polish parliament opted not to hold any enquiry into the affair. ....Italy, the UK, Austria, Romania and Macedonia are to be named as uncooperative states as well, while Macedonia and Bosnia are to be accused of seeing suspects snatched by US intelligence on their soil. ..."

July 24 2006 ~ Extraordinary renditions See Reuters

(Sismi is the Italian military intelligence agency. Berlusconi, Italy's prime minister at the time, has denied that he or the Sismi military intelligence agency knew about a plot to kidnap Muslim cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr and fly him to Egypt, where Nasr says he was tortured. One of the Sismi suspects, Marco Mancini, says Sismi knew more than authorities have publicly admitted. )

June 28 2006 ~ "extraordinary renditions" More than a dozen European governments yesterday came under severe pressure to own up to their secret services' role in handing over suspected terrorists to US intelligence after Franco Frattini, the EU justice commissioner, admitted for the first time that European territory had been used for "extraordinary renditions"
































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