A peaceful demonstation round Sedgefield at 10.45 am approx. on Wednesday 6 June


Stop Animal Deaths


The next step suggested for S.A.D. is as follows:-


Objective:  To try to keep F&M issues in front of the media and on the political agenda despite the election


Action:      Organise a "Funeral" March (a peaceful demonstation round Sedgefield at 11.00 am approx. on Wednesday 6 June)


Plan:         Meet at the industrial park north of Sedgefield - Sedgefield is a large village/small town - on waste land at the end of the road beyond Bolam's wholesale food shop.  Meeting time approx. 10.45 am WE AIM TO HAVE HAVE WITH US :


                12 SAD supporters dressed in black/black ties and armbands

                A stinking lorry (at least one), probably filled with manure from a CLEAN farm

                Our usual large black and while/orange sign

                A drum to head the march and sound the beat

                A loudhailer for addressing interested onlookers etc.

                A press release

                A funeral hearse



To the beat of a slow march we will walk in front of the lorry (draped in black, sombre signs) and also behind it(?) with the hearse following, and parade from the industrial park into Sedgefield itself.  We will walk round the town then congregate in an agreed public space - to be notified - to hear a speech, then return at slow walking pace to the industrial park.



  Please notify Elli if interested on 016973 49704 or Pat on 016973 71875