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To :                  Sir John Krebs


Copy :              Charles Hendry MP

Copy :              Mr William McKean


Subject :          Haggis – FSA advice not to eat it

Ref:                 News Agencies; Various Press Statements


Date :              Monday, 02 September 2002


Dear Sir John,


You will remember not too long ago your ‘opening speech’ at the launch of the FSA,


Launch of the Food Standards Agency
Speech by Sir John Krebs, 3 April 2000

“………In other words, we are here to protect consumers and to earn public trust and confidence.
We will earn this trust by doing rather than simply being. We will earn it by the way we do things as well as by what we do.
We are here to make a difference.
The way we do things will be very different from in the past. As well as putting the consumer first, we will be open and accessible.
We will set and defend new standards for openness.

We will work in a way that will encourage people to contribute to our thinking and to see how our decisions are being made”.



When it came to the haggis furore, one newspaper in Toronto (Canada) told its readers,


"We are now more aware of the extent to which sheep intestine is used in haggis production and this has prompted our request to outlaw its use throughout Europe".............a spokesperson for the agency explained yesterday, on condition of anonymity.



The purpose of this letter is to hold you to your word as a gentleman, and in the letter and spirit of your opening speech, ask you set the standard in “openness” and name the spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous, which goes against your creed of, “we will be open and accessible  -  failing that, release the name of the person who actually is responsible for telling the world about the FSAs fears about the haggis.


Yours sincerely



Bryn R. Wayt