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March together September 22nd

Calling all those who feel that the Government's handling of Foot & Mouth was a disaster, or who have grave misgivings about the proposed Animal Health Bill.

Register your support for the March for Liberty and Livelihood - to march - or in spirit if you cannot get there.

Those marching about FMD are invited to get to South Carriage Drive well in time for the 10.00 am set -off.

- Those trying to find the Rally Point for FMD should look for a big balloon with

"Foot and Mouth - No Lessons Learnt"

(though this might march off at 10am ...) or look out for the little balloons with
"I'm only here for FMD".

Janet Bayley of NFMG and Jon Dobson of FMD Forum will be there from 9:30 a.m. - with 100 12" balloons

PLEASE NOTE also that the FMD meeting point will be maintained in Hyde Park for those arriving after 10am probably throughout the day. Some will stay in Hyde Park (with balloons prominently displayed ) to maintain the meeting point on South Carriage Drive. A second group could set off en masse at say 1pm or when sufficient numbers get together.

Please return to this page for news of a possible rally point in the vicinity of the end of the march - exact location to be announced.

police advice
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Trotter says that Sunday will inevitably see heavy traffic, despite the splitting of the march into two routes in its early stages to reduce disruption. "No one should consider driving their private vehicle into town. London will be extremely congested." Road closures will start at around 7.30am in advance of the twin marches, which will began at 10.00am at Hyde Park and in the Blackfriars area of the City of London and will converge in Whitehall.
The marches will be kept moving, as police and organisers believe there is nowhere large enough for them to congregate in one place for speeches. The progress of the marches will be relayed on a number of giant television screens.

Meet at Hyde Park where you will be able to meet others and collect balloons.(no charge)

Please return to this page for latest news for those FMD campaigners who wish to march together. Short punchy banners very welcome.

There will be 1.5" button badges available for £1 showing that the hunting supported is 'HUNTING FMD TRUTH' , in dark green on red, or red on dark green.

details of route and CA MArch arrangements from this external link

details of route and CA MArch arrangements from this external link

See NFMG message