Liberty and Livelihood

The march is for all country people - why don't you come along and carry a banner to the effect of save our schools, transport etc. The people that march carry the banner of their choice and if nobody bothers to do that then it will be just a pro hunting demonstration.

If we country folk don't stick together now and make ourselves heard then we deserve to lose what little we might still have. Archie and I both lost nine months work because of FMD - although obviously we were nowhere near as badly hit as livestock farmers, we still had no money at all coming in. We can ill afford the £90.00 it is costing us but we feel that if we didn't go, we'd just be one of the rest of the apathetic lot that now live in this country. If you feel strongly enough about an issue, then at least try and do something about it.

This will probably be my last march, I too am becoming very disillusioned. I feel, as a non farmer that I have wasted a lot of time, energy and hard earned cash fighting their corner when they don't even bother to get off their backsides to help themselves. This march is for Livelihood and Liberty. Foxhunting is a very small issue.

and Joyce writes:

I seem to remember last year we were writing to all sorts of organisations pleading for them to band together against the FMD policy.....together we stand etc.... Now what are we ourselves doing with regard to the L and L March?....what is wrong with joining the Farmers for Action group? Surely we can see that this is NOT only about the hunting issue and it is up to us to have suitable placards or whatever.