The single currency is designed to fail, thereby precipitating a massive financial crisis in the EU, which will legitimise further integration. This mechanism, known as the "beneficial crisis" is the primary means by which the EU expands its power base.

Events such as the terrorists outrage on the New York "twin towers", the Belgian dioxin scare, BSE, immigration, and a host of other issues, are seized upon by the advocates of integration. They demand a "European dimension" to each problem, giving the Community an opportunity to pass more legislation and thus for the Commission to acquire more power. The idea stems from Monnet. According to Duchjne:

For Monnet, a crisis was an opportunity. In a crisis, ministers, who are far too busy to act unless forced to do so, face choices which are as unpleasant if they fail to act as if they do. They are temporarily open to, even eager for, advice. "When ideas are lacking, they accept yours with gratitude - providing they can present them as their own".